Vampire Survivors released a free Space54 update along with a Final Fantasy homage trailer

Studio Poncle has unveiled a recreation of the 1997 Final Fantasy VII teaser trailer but with every element replaced by something from Vampire Survivors. In addition to this, they’ve dropped a free update today. Dubbed the Space54 update, it introduces 2 characters, 4 weapons, 1 stage, and 1 relic. Gamers can grab the update right now on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile platforms.

Vampire Survivors Space54 update pays tribute to the Phaser Framework

The launch of the Space54 update offers players a journey through the wonders and perils of the universe at no cost. This update serves as a homage to the Phaser framework, the foundational engine of Vampire Survivors.

  • 7 New Achievements
  • 2 New Characters:
    • Bat Robbert – When falling below 20% health, he gains +16 MaxHP (max +400) and recovers 30% health. This ability recharges every time the character is fully healed.
    • Space Dude – Every few seconds fires all weapons regardless of their Cooldown. The cooldown of this ability is affected by the Cooldown stat.
  • New Weapons:
    • Pako Battiliar – May retaliate when losing health.
    • Phas3r – Generates thin damaging zones. High Amount scaling.
  • New Stage
    • Space54 – A cosmic trek through horrors and delights.
  • New Relic
    • Allows to enable random level-up choices.

Launched in 2013, Phaser is a freely available software designed for the development of HTML5 games on both desktop and mobile platforms. It served as the primary engine for Vampire Survivors until the 1.6 update. The characters and environment of Space54 pay homage to Phaser’s charming retro sci-fi mascots.

Diehard nerds at Poncle reimagine the Final Fantasy VII trailer

Poncle showcases their fervent passion for gaming through their latest creation. In homage to the beloved Final Fantasy VII, a game they hold dear to their hearts, they unveil a delightful surprise: a faithful recreation of the iconic 1997 teaser trailer, reimagined within the realm of Vampire Survivors. Every aspect of the original 2:18 minute trailer is meticulously replicated, with each scene and quote replaced with elements reminiscent of the Survivor’s universe.

The motivation behind this tribute? As one team member reveals, “We grew up watching the original trailer on a PlayStation demo disk, it became ingrained in our minds. Plus, with the excitement surrounding Rebirth, it felt like the perfect moment to pay homage in our way.

What are your thoughts about the Space54 update in Vampire Survivors? Let us know in the comments below!

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