Kwalee launches its new Publishing Platform to optimise Mobile Game Development

Kwalee, a prominent UK game publisher and developer, has announced the launch of Hitseeker, its latest mobile publishing platform. Hitseeker is an all-encompassing solution catering to developers’ needs for testing, publishing, learning, and earning from mobile games. It boasts a suite of features meticulously crafted to streamline the development process, provide access to expert feedback, and optimize game metrics.

Seamless SDK Integration and Comprehensive Analytics are some of the important features of Hitseeker

At the core of Hitseeker lies its seamless SDK integration, enabling developers to effortlessly incorporate Kwalee’s advanced tools into their games without manual intervention. This integration not only simplifies development but also grants access to invaluable game analytics directly through the platform. Developers can now autonomously monitor critical metrics such as retention rates, daily active users (DAU), and session times, empowering them to make data-driven decisions to enhance game success.

Hitseeker by Kwalee fosters a collaborative ecosystem where developers can efficiently manage their game files, access learning materials, and engage in constructive dialogue with Kwalee’s team of experts.

Kwalee HitseekerKwalee Hitseeker
Image via Kwalee

The platform facilitates two-way communication through a sophisticated comment system, ensuring ongoing support and feedback. This dynamic interaction aims to cultivate a community where developers can thrive and excel. Key features include:

  • Customizable Dashboard: Developers can personalize their experience with custom themes and organization logos, creating a unique environment tailored to their preferences.
  • File Management: A user-friendly interface allows developers to organize game builds, contracts, and essential documents effortlessly. Custom folder creation and powerful search functionality ensure efficient file management, with a starting storage limit of 2 GB per organization, expandable upon request.
  • Learning and Coaching Materials: Access to the latest learning materials and tutorials directly on the platform, supporting developers in refining their skills and knowledge.
  • Discussion Forum: A dedicated space for developers to discuss challenges, share insights, and seek advice from both the Kwalee team and fellow developers, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Enhanced Kwalee Feedback: Leveraging the expertise of seasoned industry professionals, the platform offers precise, detailed feedback tailored to the unique aspects of each game. This includes a robust comment system for ongoing dialogue and a seamless feedback request mechanism.

Kwalee invites all existing and new developers to embark on this exciting journey with Hitseeker

Hitseeker by Kwalee is designed as a comprehensive platform, streamlining the game development process and enabling developers to focus on creating engaging mobile games. From initial feedback to file organization, the platform is equipped to support developers at every stage of their journey.

Kwalee HitseekerKwalee Hitseeker
Comparison between Hitseeker and Kwalee’s previous Publishing Portal
(Image via Kwalee)

To maximize the benefits of Hitseeker’s enhanced features and improved user experience, all developers are required to create a new account. Unfortunately, old accounts from Kwalee’s previous platform will no longer be operational.

Kwalee is committed to being more than just a publisher; we aim to be the developers’ champion guiding them through the game development journey. With the launch of Hitseeker by Kwalee, we’re excited to offer everything a developer needs to succeed – including tools and resources that simplify the development process and a vibrant community of collaboration and innovation. As your co-pilot in this journey, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of mobile game development and achieve success.” said John Wright, VP of Mobile Publishing at Kwalee

Kwalee invites all existing and new developers to embark on this exciting journey by creating a new account on the official website. This ensures immediate access to all the innovative tools and resources Hitseeker has to offer, paving the way for success in mobile game development.

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