List of Weekly Events, Challenges, and Rewards

In Clash of Clans, many events happen each week based on the time of year and other factors, which are meant to keep us players interested and excited. They give out nice prizes too, which I am a big fan of, but I believe all of them are. To make sure players know what’s planned for the season, I have come up with this space to tell you about the weekly events happening this March 2024 season in Clash of Clans, which is themed after the space titled “Clash of to Space”. So, let us find out!

Clash of Clans March 2024 Weekly Events


As mentioned, this month, the weekly events will follow the LNY theme, as we have already seen some amazing skins for the Heroes arriving with the Gold Pass and shop as well. There are a few events that are repetitive every month, which are Clan War Leagues and Raid Weekend. Hence, we’ll not be covering in detail about these events. Also, there is a mention of the Season Challenges throughout the month, so once the info is available we will update this space.

Clash of Clans March 2024 eventsClash of Clans March 2024 events
Image via Supercell

The rest of the events are given every week as follows.

Week 1: 1st March to 7th March

Season Challenges

Season Challenges will be going throughout the month, showcasing the Hero skins.

Space Challenge #1

Our first Space Challenge event would be commencing the first week.

Week 2: 8th March to 14th March

Space Challenge #2

Clash of Clans March Gold PassClash of Clans March Gold Pass
Image via Clash of Leaks/Supercell

Our second and final Space Challenge event will be commencing the second week.

Week 3: 15th March to 21st March

Nothing extra is scheduled for this week, but possible that new challenges or events come live.

Week 4: 22nd March to 28th March

Clan Games

The March 2024 Clan Games will be live on the 22nd of March, as usual, running for a week till the 28th. The rewards and details will be revealed in the future.

Week 5: 29th March to 31st March

Nothing extra is scheduled for this week, but possible that new challenges or events come live.

What are your thoughts on the Clash of Clans March 2024 Weekly events? Let us know in the comment section below!

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