NetEase Games introduces BulletFarm, a new remote-first AAA game studio located in Los Angeles, CA

NetEase Games unveils a new AAA game studio, BulletFarm, based in Los Angeles, California, operating under a remote-first approach. The studio will be led by David Vonderhaar, a renowned industry veteran recognized for his contributions to the Call of Duty franchise, particularly the highly praised Call of Duty: Black Ops series. BulletFarm marks the latest expansion in NetEase Games’ diverse portfolio which includes studios like PinCool Inc., T-Minus Zero Entertainment, Fantastic Pixel Castle Studio, and more

BulletFarm unveils next-gen AAA game in Unreal Engine 5

BulletFarm is currently developing an innovative AAA game, constructed using Unreal Engine 5 and situated within an original universe that prioritizes cooperative gameplay. The game aims to create a more personal and engaging experience while introducing a unique perspective on first-person gameplay.

With a remote-first strategy, the primary studio is located in Los Angeles. Chris Cowell, a seasoned game designer, joins David Vonderhaar as the studio’s creative director. BulletFarm is presently advertising several pivotal positions and is actively searching for exceptional individuals to join its founding team.

Starting this new studio has given David Vonderhaar, Studio Head at BulletFarm, an opportunity to step out of his comfort zone and venture into creating something entirely fresh and distinct. It represents a departure from the games he has previously worked on, yet underscores his enthusiasm for intricate characters, precise mechanics, intimate storytelling, and immersive action.

According to him NetEase has provided an incredible support structure for them to explore these new avenues and has granted true freedom to begin shaping the concept and ideas for their game.

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