A Pair’s Final Adventure” event story with new students, events and more

The compelling narrative of the anime-style RPG Blue Archive progresses with the latest event story of the mobile game, titled Academy Club Story: A Pair’s Final Adventure. As the story unravels, players are granted a long-anticipated glimpse into one of the Red Winter Federal Academy‘s enigmatic clubs—the Knowledge Liberation Front, an undercover collective committed to upholding the academy’s library and championing the cause of knowledge freedom.

Led by the capable duo of Meru and Momiji, two formidable newcomers, players have the opportunity to earn alluring rewards as they navigate through each stage of the event narrative.

Blue Archive unveils the Academy Club Story

The introduction of Academy Club Story expands the constantly evolving universe of Nexon Korea’s Blue Archive. In this tactical RPG, players step into the shoes of Sensei, a wise mentor, guiding a diverse ensemble of students in overcoming threats to the academy city of Kivotos. As the narrative progresses, players encounter fresh faces among the students, each endowed with unique talents that can be enlisted for battle.

Blue Archive’s gameplay seamlessly melds strategic foresight with real-time combat, crafting an emotionally gripping and immersive odyssey. The Academy Club Story event unfolds as the enigmatic tome of misfortune, Luna, infiltrates the library and unleashes chaos upon the Knowledge Liberation Front club. To weather the storm, the club’s leaders, Meru and Momiji, must set aside their discord and collaborate to vanquish the tome and contain its malevolent influence.

Powerful students of Red Winter Federal Academy arrive in Blue Archive

Meru and Momiji emerge as formidable contenders among their peers. Meru, a Piercing Type Striker, unleashes her EX Skill, dealing substantial damage corresponding to her attack on a single foe. Alongside, she inflicts continuous burn damage proportional to her attack strength for 30 seconds, further augmented by Weakness Detection, heightening opponent vulnerability. Momiji, a Sonic Type Striker, employs her EX Skill to unleash devastating damage proportionate to her attack power within a circular radius.

Furthermore, Cherino and Marina, students of Red Winter Federal Academy, rejoin the fray after their appearance in the prior event narrative, A Revolutionary Ivan Kupala: Mustache, Pudding, and Red Winter. In a bid to aid newcomers in their progression, Nexon introduces a Double Rewards Campaign, active until 10:59 a.m. PT on March 11, 2024.

Unlock exclusive rewards in the Blue Archive Academy Club story event

Completing the event story battle stages in Academy Club Story awards players with event currency that can be exchanged for various rewards, such as Meru’s Interactive Manuscript Work Desk and Momiji’s Classic Library Chair. The event currency, Tarot del Luna, can also be utilized to partake in mini-games at the Event Card Shop, enabling players to earn rewards like Eleph and Artifacts, contingent upon the tier of card they acquire.

Furthermore, additional rewards are attainable during the battle stage by recruiting students from Red Winter Federal Academy, the Gehenna Academy Prefect Team, and the Trinity General School Library Committee.

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