Songs of Travel, an animated graphic novel to launch this 2024 on Android and iOS

Another new story-based title is gearing up for mobile with Songs of Travel, an animated graphic novel developed by Vienna-based Causa Creations, set to launch in 2024 on Android and iOS.

Songs of Travel unfolds the stories of five protagonists

From the moment I looked at this game’s visuals, I liked how well-colourised the art style is. Since this is an animated novel, the parts needed to be vibrant, and I see the developers have done that part well. Coming to the game description, we embark on a journey through the lives of five migrants as they seek new beginnings in Europe.

songs of travel gameplaysongs of travel gameplay
Image via Causa Creations

We have five protagonists in this game, and we get to know the journeys of Light, Van, Michele, Hasan, and Olya as they navigate the complexities of displacement and resilience in their quest for belonging and new beginnings. The stories explore hope, identity, and home, revealing the precious things we value through diverse human experiences.

Through the fusion of music and storytelling, the tales unfold against a backdrop of carefully selected compositions by Northern Irish composer Elaine Agnew. These melodies serve as a vital component, enhancing the emotional resonance of the narratives. The project is enriched by the involvement of Syrian artist Jack Gutmann, co-creator of the acclaimed game Path Out alongside Causa Creations.

In my opinion, the game would find itself in a unique category and can be a great pick for those who love a narrative buildup. Keep an eye out for updates as the specific release dates for 2024 have yet to be announced.

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