Ex Astris is a real-time/turn-based hybrid 3D RPG now globally available on Android and iOS

Gryphline, the renowned global publisher announced that Ex Astris is now globally available on the App Store and Google Play, priced at $9.99, CAD 13.99, £8.99, and €9.99. This real-time/turn-based hybrid 3D RPG plunges players into the captivating world of Allindo as investigators, setting them on an extraordinary interstellar journey.

Celebrate the launch of Ex Astris with exciting events

To commemorate the worldwide launch of Ex Astris, Gryphline extends an invitation to its community to partake in When the Land Meets the Stars, an exclusive crossover event with Arknights, promising a plethora of delightful surprises and in-game cosmetics (from Feb. 27 at 8 a.m. (PST) to Mar. 12 at 5:59 a.m. (PST)). For Ex Astris investigators eager to participate, visiting the official event page ensures eligibility for unlocking the coveted crossover attire, which can then be linked to their Gryphline account.

Ex Astris Pre-registration, ex astris available Ex Astris Pre-registration, ex astris available
Image via Gryphline

Utilizing the same account for game login grants permanent access to the crossover attire: Loose Uniform and Light Uniform. Meanwhile, Arknights Doctors can seize their furniture rewards, Doll of Polar Day and Doll of Pitchest Black, by visiting the event page and claiming them, after which the furniture will be promptly delivered to their in-game mailbox.

Embark on an enthralling adventure in Ex Astris

In Ex Astris, players embark on a captivating journey to unveil the secrets of a mysterious realm where perpetual daylight and eternal darkness coexist. They explore Allindo, a planet locked in a tidal embrace with its star, ensuring a perpetually illuminated surface.

Divided by colossal ring-shaped storms into two distinct halves, Allindo teems with peculiar life forms and remarkably humanoid beings. Players assume the roles of Yan and Vi³, investigators assigned to uncover the enigmatic history of the long-forgotten Allindish civilization and decipher the mysteries surrounding the Astramorphs that populate this extraterrestrial world.

Create dynamic teams and master special combos in combat

Players can form teams comprised of up to three characters, each offering various combinations of skills and attributes. Alongside selecting the most suitable character for each combat scenario, players have the option to switch between Wave or Particle states by tapping a designated button on the screen’s right side.

These states endow characters with distinct attack skill sets, enabling them to either elevate or fragment adversaries. Furthermore, players can employ Obscuran Maneuvers to deflect or evade incoming enemy assaults. Skillful combinations also reward characters with additional action points, facilitating the execution of lengthier combos. When enemies are knocked down by character abilities, players can unleash skills possessing downed strike effects to prolong their incapacitation and accrue additional action points for the team.

By consecutively delivering three downed strikes or aerial assaults on the same enemy, players can maximize damage output within a brief timeframe, hastening enemy defeat. With the freedom to experiment with diverse skill combinations and strategic maneuvers, battles offer engaging challenges, enhancing overall enjoyment for players.

Elevate gameplay with Obscuran Maneuvers in Ex Astris

In Ex Astris, Obscuran Maneuvers play a significant role in combat. When players defend against enemy assaults, they must adapt to the attack’s nature and utilize either Warding Light or Shadow Shift to deflect or evade. Timely activation of these maneuvers also triggers unique effects. Astrite, acquired from battles or exploration, serves as the essential resource for character enhancement and skill acquisition.

These improvements aid in facing diverse foes effectively. Beyond combat and exploration, the game offers additional activities such as cooking, puzzles, and mini-games. Players who invest time in discovering new recipes, solving puzzles, and completing mini-games are rewarded with various surprises and bonuses. Ex Astris is now available for download on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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