Twitch streamers protest Korea shut down with adult content surge

Jumped in after looking at the cover image? Just kidding. As Twitch prepared to have its services depart from Korea on February 27, 2024, a hilarious protest ensured as numerous Korean-based streamers marked the occasion by showcasing a significant amount of adult content and thus bombarding the platform.

Twitch had announced Korea operations shut down back in December 2023

Now, what makes this incident funny is Twitch’s policies for steaming content. Earlier this year, the streaming platform updated its attire policy to explicitly ban streamers from implying or suggesting full or partial nudity. However, this was somewhat of a strict and revised take on its ‘artistic nudity’ update in December, which was rolled back in less than a day.

Image via Twitch

South Korean Twitch streamers have responded to the site’s shutdown by broadcasting adult content, including sexualized games and revealing outfits. For instance, streamer Daeyong 2 streamed an adult game to thousands of viewers. Similarly, streamer Irin-Chan, who has nearly 50,000 followers, appeared on camera in a risque outfit, breaking the policies I mentioned above. To make things worse,
Korean watchdog agency fined Twitch a hefty $327,067 (435 million won) for violations, recently.

Many observers see this as a bold protest against Twitch’s decision to close its doors in South Korea. Taking you back to the original scenario, back in December 2023, financial realities compelled Twitch to bid farewell to Korea. Despite cost-saving efforts, such as limiting source quality and experimenting with a peer-to-peer approach, the platform was losing money.

Twitch shut down KoreaTwitch shut down Korea
Image via Twitch

The decision, unique to Korea due to extraordinarily high operational costs, disappointed the loyal Twitch community. Twitch assured affected streamers of support in finding new platforms, working closely with them for a smooth transition, which looks like it wasn’t the case.

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