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MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies, which even I would love to earn. One such event that is arriving in MONOPOLY GO is the Prize Leap Event. This event is filled with incredible chances for players to collect more Dice Rolls and snag some fantastic freebies, which I’m excited about. So, what do you think? Will there be a leap in rewards? Answering these questions, let me guide you through all the essential details you need to know about joining in, reaching milestones, and earning rewards in this upcoming event.

Prize Leap Event in MONOPOLY GO!

The Prize Leap event will be kicking off on February 28, 2024, and will run for two days. In this event, points and rewards are earned by landing on designated tiles.

MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024
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To qualify for rewards, players need to land on specific corner tiles: Free Parking, in Jail, Go to Jail, and Go. Initially, landing on these tiles grants four points each, which can be multiplied through roll multipliers. Participation in this event presents players with the opportunity to win a variety of rewards, such as sticker packs, dice rolls, and Flower tokens.

MONOPOLY GO Prize Leap Event: Milestones and Rewards

The Prize Leap Event comes with 43 Milestones that in total will reward you with a total of 12330 dice rolls. This also includes one big milestone at the end that brings you a mammoth 6500 Dice Rolls for 6000 points as shared.

Milestones Points Required Rewards Earned
1 5 15 Dice Rolls
2 10 Cash Prize
3 15 One-Star Sticker Pack
4 80 120 Dice Rolls
5 15 Cash Prize
6 20 One-Star Sticker Pack
7 25 10 Minutes Rent Frenzy
8 180 225 Dice Rolls
9 30 10 Minutes Cash Boost
10 35 One-Star Sticker Pack
11 40 60 Dice Rolls
12 50 Cash Prize
13 300 350 Dice Rolls
14 55 Cash Prize
15 50 5 Minutes Cash Grab
16 60 Cash Prize
17 70 Two-Star Sticker Pack
18 700 700 Dice Rolls
19 70 Cash Prize
20 80 Three-Star Sticker Pack
21 100 Cash Prize
22 1200 1100 Dice Rolls
23 150 15 Minutes High Roller
24 140 Cash Prize
25 175 160 Dice Rolls
26 1000 Cash Prize
27 200 Four-Star Sticker Pack
28 300 250 Dice Rolls
29 350 Cash Prize
30 1800 Five-Star Sticker Pack
31 500 Cash Prize
32 750 Four-Star Sticker Pack
33 800 10 Minutes Cash Grab
34 900 Cash Prize
35 2800 2000 Dice Rolls
36 1000 Five-Star Sticker Pack
37 1100 20 Minutes High Roller
38 1200 Cash Prize
39 2500 Cash Prize
40 1300 850 Dice Rolls
41 1400 Five-Star Sticker Pack
42 1500 Cash Prize
43 6000 6500 Dice Rolls

If you ask me, now is the best time to enhance your MONOPOLY GO strategy and take advantage of all the opportunities available. Grab the chance to increase your earnings and get the most out of this exciting opportunity. Go for it and strive for success!

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