New State Mobile New Era mode update might be the much-needed oxygen for its future

New State Mobile is here with another latest update and introduced its latest New Era mode. This one is hyped from the earlier as it teased a new mode a few days ago, creating massive speculation on how things are going to be after the update.

Besides, several other things like a new mode, a new map, and other changes are here. I took a deep look at the new features and here are the thoughts regarding the latest update.

New State Mobile February 2024 Update brings a New State era of Battle-Royale: Jeta

The game teased this new mode a few days earlier. The new mode is named New Era where a new map is introduced namely the Jeta. This is a small map sized 1km X 1km where you will always feel that eliminating others is the only option to sustain here. This battle-royale map will take only 40 players but this will feel packed up as the map size is even smaller.

New Era will let you choose characters with different abilities

The biggest flex of New Era mode is that you will jump into the action with distinct characters who possess several sets of skills. Before you jump onto the JETA map, you can check the status of the characters to know what they are capable of.

So far, I know that 8 characters will be there to choose from. The mode has several battle assist features. Characters have their passive and active skills as well. Some have high damage-taking capacity and healing while another has higher speed and marksmanship.

New State Mobile New Era characters
Image via Krafton

To meet faster combat, the New Era mode also has an enhanced aim assist feature. A “First Shot Correction” feature has been added that will make the first shot fired within the aim assist range guaranteed to hit the enemy. To help players with faster looting, the JETA map has JETA boxes where you will find a diverse set of loot.

A revamped and thoughtful overhaul for New State Mobile

Everything you can obtain and use has five levels and they are marked with color. You can pick them up based on your need. The minimap has a few improvements as well. You will know the location of footsteps, jetpacks, gunshots, and other things in the minimap. While fighting with an enemy, you will see the damage you’re dealing with, the health that the enemy has left, and everything attached. But it won’t appear while the opponent is using a smoke.

New State Mobile new map JETA
Image via Krafton

After the end of a season in New Era, you will be awarded Prestige Coins and titles based on what you did in the game. There are additional features added in this mode. You can hide your special attachments so that you can focus more on the game while enemies will be able to watch them.

Battle Royale is now more challenging, promising, and astonishing

New Era has a new map that I mentioned already, JETA. Besides, it has faster farming and easier controls so that players can get a top-notch experience. The mode has almost every battle royale feature similar to the other maps. You can enjoy it with your squad and also re-drop and a care package is available.

However, this mode doesn’t have the Red Zone and Drone Store. The characters are equipped with a jetpack, so you can move faster. Your jetpack will get charged every 8 seconds, there are two gauges to use alternatively or you can use it at the same time.

New State Mobile New Era 2024
Image via Krafton

While using the jetpacks, you can only use guns in third-person mode, and cannot use the trowables. You will have plasma shields to protect your characters. These shields have different levels and can be found from looting random places, Jeta Boxes, etc. This shield will protect you from other players but based on which weapons your opponent is using, the damage will be accordingly done.

The weapon system gets a fair change in the latest update

To bring fighting experience in a more optimized way, the weapon balance has gone through a change in this update. Shoulder fire spread has been reduced in this game for SMG, AR, LMG, SR, DMR, and SG. Besides, MP-155 Ultima also now has the Dragon Breath customization that will use the incendiary rounds when C2 customization is applied.

Auto Fire has been added as well. Auto fire delay is reduced now, quick zoom button has been added. Besides, the prone option, movement, and gunfire sound overlapping have been fixed. Autofire speed for DMR and sniper rifle is increased, so do the reload and others.

New State Mobile New Era mode turns the game perspective in a positive way

As the competition is on the rise for mobile titles, players always look for the experience. Most of us would want a very short but rapid adrenaline release. So gamers are taking this very seriously and irrespective of their genres, they are providing what they can in this very short period.

New State Mobile New Era mode gameplay
Image via Krafton

So, New State Mobile also does the same by bringing this new era mode. The battles will be 10 minutes long, there will be intensity as a small map is packed with 40 players. The other effects are hidden in the game mode features, and map locations.

Such as the JETA map is built in a way that there are more barriers throughout the entire map which makes you sneaky and careful at the same time. The urge will be there to be attentive always which you cannot in other modes where matches are 30 minutes long.

Coming back to the point that this update will take the game to, I will consider a few factors. Players are always looking for sounds, graphics, game mechanics, great game physics, unmatched server response, and everything related to the experience. While all the titles are working on this, the leading thing will be doing something new.

What New State Mobile has done is just the beginning, but this has a great impact on the future. From what I saw in the latest update, will change the game very positively. This will make the players rethink for stay engaged for a long time. Besides, players will enter the game more frequently now. Moreover, other similar titles will also want to cope with

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