New Brawlers, skins and more

With a huge update at the end of 2023, Supercell is back with another Brawl Talk for February 2024. With the first Brawl Talk in the new year, Brawl Stars will introduce two new brawlers along with changes in the Ranked mode, new skins, a new Solo mode, some Hypercharges and more. Let us discuss the February 2024 Brawl Talk in detail, bringing many fun, events, and changes in Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk: New brawlers

New Brawler: Angelo

Angelo is our first mosquito-themed Brawler in the game, joining Willow’s Trio.

Angelo brawler
Image via Supercell Games

Angelo is a sharpshooter, and the longer you hold the aim, the stronger the attacks get. Besides that, Angelo can also hover over water like a mosquito. With his Super, Angelo summons a part of the swamp,
and it damages all the enemies inside. It also makes Angelo’s attack more powerful by adding poison to the arrows that deal damage over time.

Angelo is an Epic Brawler and comes with a 29 Gem Skin called Elf Angelo, which makes the Brawler even more lovely.

New Brawler: Melodie

Melodie is a Mythic Brawler and the second of the update, arriving in late March. She is a Mythic Brawler and the second one in the update, arriving in late March.

Melodie brawler
Image via Supercell Games

She’s an assassin who has a long-range attack that deals moderate damage. What makes her strong is that every time she hits a target, she gets a musical note around her. These musical notes keep spinning around her and deal damage on contact. She can have up to three musical notes around her, and they will gradually disappear after some time.

Once she charges her Super, she gets three dashes that must be used during the same Super activation.
Players can’t recharge their Super unless they use all three dashes first. The idea is pretty much to get her musical notes around you and then dash onto the enemy.

Melodie is coming with a Norse-themed Skin called Sif Melodie.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk: New Hypercharges, new skins and more

New Hypercharges

There will be six new Hypercharges in the game:

  • Cordelius: It now slows whoever is in the Shadow Realm with him.
  • Buzz can keep using his Super while his Hypercharge is active.
  • El Primo now has a bigger area of impact and drags people towards him instead of pushing them away.
  • Belle’s Super now hones in on her target.
  • Sprout’s walls now deal damage if you get too close.
  • Bibi’s Bubble Gum now splits into two if it hits a target.

The Hypercharge Unleashed Event is back, but now it’s only in Showdown. Both Super and Hypercharge will charge faster. Players can complete the Quest of the Event and you get a free random Hypercharge.
The event will be live right after the update drops, so players must make sure to claim it quickly.

Sands of Time skins

The next Season is coming in March, and it’s called Sands of Time. It arrives with the Sands of Time Skins.

Sands of Time skins
Image via Supercell Games
  • Shelly Dancer attacks with her lamp and is the skin of the Brawl Pass with two colour variations, Shelly Dancer Iris and Shelly Dancer Dahlia.
  • Dynasty Mike: He becomes a dirty, wealthy gemmer with his skin. He throws gems at his enemies.
  • Thief Edgar is ready to take a bit of those Gems from Mike.
  • Surgenie
  • Desert Scorpion Chuck: Being a 299 Gem Skin with all the special Pins, profile pictures, Sprays, and a custom voice and takedown VFX.

LINE Friends skins

  • Fangirl Cony: Colette becomes LINE Friends Cony.
  • Rocket Brown mixes Brock with their classic bear called Brown,
  • Balloon Sally: Gus gets Sally’s quirky vibes.

Ragnarok skins

These skins will be inspired by the Norse-themed season in April.

Ragnarok skins
Image via Supercell Games
  • Fenrir Buzz: From maintaining order at the pool to now spreading chaos at Starr Park. He’s also the Brawl Pass Skin with two colour variations, Eldr Fenrir Buzz and Mørk Fenrir Buzz.
  • Loki Chester is just a perfect fit for this character.
  • Odin Cordelius: Cordelius becomes the one-eyed all-father of Loki and Odin.
  • Skadi Jessie now becomes ingenious in the art of hunting.
  • Sif Melodie: Melodie gets a 29 Gem Skin inspired by the Goddess Sif.
  • Thor Bibi: The Goddess of Thunder, and she’s a 299 Gem Skin, getting all the assets and a special takedown effect.

New Mecha skins

Mecha Leon with the whole 299 Gem treatment, and also two colour variations, Shadow Mecha Leon and Radiant Mecha Leon and another winner from Colt’s Supercell MAKE Campaign, Mecha Colt! It also comes with two colour variations, Paragon Mecha Colt and Renegade Mecha Colt.

There will be more skins in the update.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk: Trophy Escape, Ranked mode and more

Trophy Escape

In this update, we are also releasing a new Solo mode called Trophy Escape. It puts ten players against each other, just like Showdown. However, the way to win Trophies in this mode is by collecting them during the match, either by eliminating players and bots or by being the last player standing.

Once five players are eliminated, portals will be activated on the map, and you’ll be able to escape from the battle with whatever number of Trophies you have. But this portal doesn’t work immediately. It activates as soon as you step in, but you have to wait a bit until you get teleported safely out of the match. If you get defeated, you will lose Trophies, even if you have collected a lot of them.

If you defeat a Brawler, you can collect all the Trophies they were carrying. There are no Poison Clouds
because some portals could be at the edge of the maps. If nobody gets extracted until the time runs out,
everybody loses. Players must make sure they get to that portal. Trophy Escape will be available as soon as the Sands of Time Season begins.

Ranked Mode

Ranked is the new competitive mode replacing Power League and it should be more rewarding, more fun, and more fair. For starters, players can only select Brawlers with Power Level 9 or above, so it should already help with a lot of the bad randoms.

Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk ranked
Image via Supercell Games

From Bronze to Gold, the matches will be a best-of-one (Bo1) and no banning phase, pretty much like the Mega Pig. That should make it a lot friendlier for casuals to start playing this mode. From Diamond to Masters, we go back to the format you are used to:

  • Best of three (Bo3) with a ban phase.
  • Players can only upgrade to Diamond if they have at least 12 Brawlers with Power Level 9 or above.

Devs have removed the Solo and Team queues. Players can play solo, as a duo, or in a team of three. If you end up playing solo against a team, matchmaking will adapt to make the match more balanced.
For more clarity, you can now actually see how many points you have gained or lost after a match.
This might be a bit controversial, but your Rank will be reset at every Season start.

But we will give you a boost at every new Season, so you can just get to where you were, quickly.
Players will only get this boost if they have played Ranked in the previous Season. By the way, Ranked Seasons are now only one month long.

New Modifier changes

With the new Ranked, there will be a quite impactful change to the gameplay. Devs are also adding modifiers. Only modifiers will be present on the Ranked mode, affecting both teams equally. Players have to adapt your strategy to whatever Modifier and Map get randomly picked.

  • Quick Fire: When an attack hits the target, you reload ammo.
  • Time Detonation: Progressively destroys the environment.
  • Big Friend: All Brawlers have their Health Points equal to the highest HP Brawler in the team.
  • Barbed Ammo: All damage leaves a DoT, kind of like Byron.
  • Sick Beats. All Brawlers are immune to all forms of crowd control, such as slow and stun,

Devs want to have around three Modifiers per Season, so players don’t have to relearn everything all the time.

What are your thoughts on our Brawl Stars February 2024 Brawl Talk? Make sure to comment below!

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