Once Human reveals the date of its next closed beta along with a new multiplayer trailer

Starry Studios, the developer, announces the closed beta test and reveals a fresh gameplay trailer for its forthcoming supernatural multiplayer title, Once Human. The trailer exhibits diverse survival escapades featuring crews navigating an enigmatic realm, teasing intriguing additions such as the innovative Deviant gameplay. Additionally, the team discloses a beta testing roadmap encompassing significant enhancements for both PC and a novel mobile iteration, set to kick off on March 28, 2024.

Experience the thrill of uniting against supernatural foes in Once Human

Once Human represents an SCP-inspired multiplayer open-world survival experience, in which teams of players employ firearms and supernatural powers to endure against formidable Aberrant creatures jeopardizing humanity’s final bastions. Participants must collaborate to rally survivors, reconstruct territories, and unravel adversaries’ enigmatic origins to avert annihilation.

Presently, the game holds the second position on the STEAM wishlist for the most eagerly awaited multiplayer online survival game. Its previous Beta phase attracted considerable player interest, accumulating over 300,000 sign-ups in just one week. Furthermore, the game boasts a Discord community exceeding 330,000 members to date.

Once Human closed beta will bring new features, new monsters, and new area

In the forthcoming Beta, a range of inventive gameplay features makes an appearance. These encompass novel monsters spotlighted in the trailer, notably a creature characterized by a drill bit head, alongside formidable fresh adversaries.

Moreover, participants have the opportunity to delve into the eagerly awaited Eternaland, an original customizable space enabling the construction of varied structures, exploration of territories, and resolution of puzzles. Additionally, heeding feedback from players in the prior Beta, a completely new PVP season premieres in this imminent trial.

New Once Human trailer demonstrates multiplayer gameplay

With the Beta announcement, Once Human unveils an exhilarating new trailer showcasing various in-game multiplayer modes. Players join forces to explore the enigmatic world, gather resources, and construct shelters.

They venture into eerie caves infested with anomalies, embark on treasure hunts aboard towering buses, and unite to fend off monstrous threats. Towards the trailer’s conclusion, a player is seen with a mystical alpaca companion, conjuring a rabbit from a hat for sustenance. This intriguing scene sparks speculation about potential pet or companion gameplay in the future.

The upcoming Beta for Once Human is set to commence on March 28, 2024. Those interested in participating in the testing phase can register via the official Once Human website. Registration for the mobile version is currently open, and pre-registration for PC users will be accessible soon. Once Human’s full launch is scheduled for Q3, 2024.

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