Eggy Party Stellar Encounter Season brings new stages, rewards, and more

NetEase Games announced Stellar Encounter, the latest season for Eggy Party. This event introduces science fiction-themed escapades to Eggy Island through a collection of fresh and thrilling minigames alongside stylish exclusive outfits. In Eggy Party, players immerse themselves in a high-speed multiplayer experience where they embody the role of a nearly spherical character named Eggy.

Their primary objective is to endure a series of demanding mini-games, with each round eliminating participants until only one emerges victorious. Additionally, players have the opportunity to construct custom stages in the Eggy Workshop, showcasing their creativity and skill, and share them online to garner widespread attention.

Discover the Universe in Eggy Party Stellar Encounter

During this special event, Eggy characters can explore the mysteries and perils of the cosmos beyond Earth’s boundaries. With the onset of the Stellar Encounter Season, Eggy Party introduces a fresh array of stages, including Dreamcatcher Island, Spirit Comet, Gravity Reversal, and more, enriching the gameplay experience for all participants.

Individuals seeking additional exclusive rewards have the option to acquire the Stellar Encounter Season Mystery Box. Within this box, they may obtain Eggy Outfits such as Dreamcatcher Softie, Nebula Sheep, Bay, and Seaweed Burglar. Additionally, they can take advantage of the Stellar Encounter Season’s total top-up bonus, which allows them to earn up to 66 Shiny Coins simply by performing a top-up during the event.

Individuals seeking to enhance their journey throughout the cosmos have the option to purchase a Stellar Encounter Season Party Pass. This pass grants access to Activity Tasks offering substantial rewards, such as Duke Ryes the Dream-eater, Awakening Ice Coffee, Sweet Dream Hot Milk, the Galaxy Dreams Outfit, as well as additional Shiny Coins and Egg Coins. Moreover, individuals who possess leftover experience from the Outta This World Season Party Pass will witness its automatic conversion into Fashion Badges.

Gear up with Eggy Outfits and compete in Eggy Party seasonal ranked party

In the Stellar Encounter Season, just like its predecessors, there will be a set of distinct Activity Tasks offering significant rewards for completion. Participants can engage in these tasks to acquire Eggy Outfits and various accessories such as Maple the Hot Spring Owner, Misty Glasses, Cold Soda, and more. For those inclined towards competitive play, there’s the option to join the Stellar Encounter Seasonal Ranked Party. Conquering Egg Rank Tasks in this party can earn players coveted gear like the Marathon Outfit, Studded Bag, and Space Walk Avatar Frame.

Eggy Party Stellar Encounter Rewards
Image via NetEase

During Stellar Encounter, the Eggy Party introduces a game within the event. Starting from February 23rd, enthusiasts can play to acquire the Lionel Reg Outfit by exchanging just a single Shiny Coin. Each attempt at this mini-game requires one Shiny Coin.

The gameplay involves using Shiny Coins to advance by 1, 2, 3, 5, or 8 steps, with the objective being to reach the finish line at 8 steps. Progressing through each space unlocks enticing rewards, including 2 Shiny Coins, 100 Bottle Caps, 10 Fashion Badges, 200 Bottle Caps, 1 Mystery Box Dye, 20 Fashion Badges, 1 Accessory Dye, and ultimately, the Lionel Reg Outfit.

Eggy Party teams up with Beanie’s Daily for an exclusive crossover event

During Stellar Encounter Season, those with a penchant for creativity will find themselves immersed in various activities. Eggy Party will host a Map Creation Contest starting from February 23rd. Participants who craft the most challenging, entertaining, or humorous maps stand a chance to have their creations showcased and possibly selected. The top 20 contenders who share a new map and accumulate at least 20 Likes stand eligible to win prizes totaling up to $388.

Additionally, the eagerly anticipated collaboration between Eggy Party and Beanie’s Daily makes a comeback. On March 8, the Eggy Party x Beanie’s Daily crossover event reemerges, introducing a new exclusive outfit – Jianxun Lee. Participants who utilize Shiny Coins during this event stand to receive various rewards, with an assurance of no duplicate rewards.

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