1999 Version 1.4 update titled “The Prisoner In The Cave” is set to release on February 29th

Bluepoch Games made an exciting announcement regarding their strategic RPG, Reverse: 1999. The game is set to launch its highly anticipated Ancient Greece-themed Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 update, titled “The Prisoner in the Cave,” along with the Mystery Box Carnival on February 29th. Since its release in October, Reverse: 1999 has garnered an impressive 19.99 million downloads and has consistently ranked atop the charts in over 160 countries, including the United States, Canada, Korea, and Japan.

Version 1.4 of the game introduces a significant storyline featuring Timekeeper Vertin and his arcanist companions—Sonetto, Regulus, and Liliya—as they embark on a journey to a mysterious island untouched by the “Storm.” Additionally, you can expect three new powerful arcanists, three original game modes, generous rewards such as 20 free pulls a free 5-star character, and a plethora of in-game activities, making this update the most substantial yet. New players will also have the opportunity to earn up to 80 free pulls in this latest version.

Reverse 1999 version 1.4 20 unilogs
Image via Bluepoch

Step into the shoes of the Timekeeper in Reverse: 1999, a captivating alternate history where time itself unravels under the enigmatic “Storm.” Assemble a diverse team of arcanists—individuals endowed with extraordinary and diverse powers—from various nations and epochs. Strategize your moves, master arcane spells, and confront the Manus Vindictae, a faction of rebel arcanists, to restore the fabric of reality. With its anime-inspired visuals, stunning cinematics, awe-inspiring Ultimate abilities, and comprehensive English voice acting featuring a rich tapestry of accents and dialects, Reverse: 1999 sets a new standard for gaming immersion.

Immerse yourself in the world of Reverse: 1999 for free and dive into the upcoming main storylines, Chapter 5 and Chapter 5 Special, set to launch later this month with the new update.

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4’s features also include:

Reverse 1999 version 1.4  new main story
Image via Bluepoch

Two new characters:

  • During Phase 1, you will have the opportunity to summon 37, a 6-star Star-type arcanist known for their cleverness despite being absent-minded. This character can be obtained through the “Beyond the World of Matters” banner.
  • In Phase 2, you can summon 6, a 6-star Intelligence-type arcanist, who is portrayed as a scholarly hermit. This character is accessible via the “Seeker in the Cave” banner.
  • Each new arcanist will be accompanied by character story events for you to explore.
Reverse 1999 version 1.4 new characters
Image via Bluepoch

Three New Gameplay Modes:

  • Experience the excitement of “Mane’s Bulletin,” a boss rush challenge where you confront powerful foes consecutively.
  • Explore new dimensions of problem-solving with the debut of 3D puzzles in “The Three Doors” scenario of Reverse: 1999.
  • Immerse yourself in the captivating character narratives presented in “Anecdote,” revealing the previously untold stories of arcanists Charlie and Oliver Fog.
Reverse 1999 version 1.4 new challenges
Image via Bluepoch

Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 livestream codes

You have the opportunity to redeem three codes, granting them 240 Clear Drops and abundant resources.

Version 1.4 codes Rewards you can redeem
THEPRISONERINTHECAVE 80 Clear Drops and in-game rewards
37APRIMENUMBER 80 Clear Drops and in-game rewards
6THEPERFECTNUMBER 80 Clear Drops and in-game rewards

Yet, the rewards continue:

  • In Version 1.4, two sign-in events, “Treasure in the Suitcase” and “Treasure on the Beach,” will be introduced, allowing players to acquire up to 20 Unilogs and growth materials.
  • Additionally, players will have the opportunity to choose a free 5-Star character from the general summoning pool in the “Carnival Invitation” event and obtain a new limited portrait in the “Roaming in Geometry” event.
Reverse 1999 version 1.4 carnival invitation
Image via Bluepoch

Fan-Created Online Musical Performance, Figures, and Nendorids

Reverse: 1999 isn’t just about playing a game asv it’s become a whole big thing. They’ve started their own music label called “The 1999 Records.” And get this, they’re releasing their first-ever album called “Journey in the Rain” soon! You can listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora whenever you want.

Reverse 1999 new music platforms
Image via Bluepoch

Oh, and if you’re a fan who loves collecting stuff, you’re in luck! You can now pre-order these cool Sonetto figurines online. They look just like the characters from the game! Plus, there’s this fancy Vertin 3D Frame you can pre-order too. It’s like a picture frame, but it’s all 3D and super cool. And guess what? They’re making even more cool stuff featuring Tooth Fairy and Druvis III!

And here’s the best part—there’s going to be this awesome online music show on March 16! Musicians from all over the world will be playing songs from the game. It’s going to be so much fun! So, mark your calendars and get ready to rock out with the Reverse: 1999 crew.

New In-Game Activities:

  • During the time-limited summon event called “Abundance of the Water – The First Milestone,” players can receive up to seven free daily single summons of 6-star characters such as An-an Lee, A Knight, Melania, and Voyager.
  • The upcoming garment series titled “Between Lines and Numbers” will bring fresh appearances and skill effects for arcanists Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart, and La Source.
Reverse 1999 version 1.4 time limited summons
Image via Bluepoch
  • UTTU Flash Gathering – Wandering on the Shore” will introduce new FAME cards for players to collect.
  • Participate in the events “Set Sail Again” and “Sealed Records” to gather materials aiding Vertin’s companion Regulus in rebuilding her cherished ship and to uncover more about arcanists Matilda and Sotheby.
  • Throughout Version 1.4, players can obtain “Badges of Wonder” by completing various tasks. These badges, once collected as a set, will unlock unique effects and backgrounds for display on players’ profiles.
  • Updates to the Wilderness gameplay will include four additional plan-saving slots, facilitating easier management of multiple sets of plans. Furthermore, the Wilderness Island Capacity will be raised from 120 to 150.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 update, titled “The Prisoner In The Cave,” brings exciting new features and content for players to enjoy. From the thrilling time-limited summon events to the fresh garment series and the captivating storyline events, there’s something for everyone. With the introduction of unique FAME cards, opportunities to explore the wilderness, and the addition of badges of wonder, Version 1.4 promises to enhance the gaming experience for all players. Don’t miss out on the chance to dive into this immersive update and uncover the mysteries awaiting in Reverse: 1999.

What are your thoughts about the Reverse: 1999 Version 1.4 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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