Om Nom Stories, the Cut the Rope spinoff from ZeptoLab gets a 25-season deal with Disney+

ZeptoLab’s spinoff series Om Nom Stories, based on the popular puzzle game Cut the Rope, secures a 25-season contract deal with the Disney+ streaming service. The series is scheduled to begin streaming in the fourth quarter of 2024.

Om Nom Stories will consist of 250 episodes each with a run time of 3.5 minutes

As reported by Kidscreen, the 2D-animated short series consists of 250 episodes distributed over 25 seasons with 10 episodes for each season, each lasting approximately 3.5 minutes. The series focuses on a little green creature who loves candy and engages in slapstick comedy. Each episode draws inspiration from everyday preschool situations like bath time and moments of being scared.

Cut the Rope 3
Image via Paladin Studios

Om Nom is a character we all know, don’t we? Taking a quick journey through time to explore Nom’s origins, we encounter Cut the Rope, a renowned puzzle video game crafted by ZeptoLab. In this game, players tackle physics-based puzzles to indulge a little green creature named Om Nom with candy. Since then, he has been a friendly figure, in both games and video shorts.

I remember watching some of the content based on this greeny, and they were fun to stream. He is pretty popular on YouTube too, with over 4 million subscribers on the official Om Nom Stories channel. I see it surprising when Disney+ bagged the deal as Netflix Games last year got Cut the Rope Daily under its sleeves alongside three seasons of Om Nom Stories, so it wouldn’t have been surprising if the streaming giant bagged the rights for all the spinoff seasons too.

Speaking about this deal, Disney is a huge mass media company and its Disney+ premier streaming platform offers a vast array of family-friendly entertainment, including beloved classics and original series. With the Om Nom Stories aiming to cater for all audiences, even kids can enjoy watching alongside a plethora of content options in Disney+.

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