Play Together introduces a new influencer NPC “Cutiepie” with exciting rewards

HAEGIN introduces the latest addition to their casual social network game Play Together – the influencer NPC named Cutiepie. Positioned as the leading influencer on Kaia Island, Cutiepie aims to impart valuable insights through quests.

Players engage in PlayCon Quests, where they uncover the intricacies of hosting delightful home parties, explore recipes for making streams, and tackle dance challenges. By completing these quests, players enhance their subscriber count and step into the shoes of burgeoning influencers.

Play Together brings exclusive rewards along with Cutiepie

Players are presented with an opportunity to obtain costume rewards like the Influencer Pro Headphone, Influencer T-shirt, and Influencer Sneakers. Furniture items, such as the Influencer Streaming Equipment, Pro Gaming Chair, and Chroma Key Screen, are likewise accessible as rewards. Notably, the Slickback Name Tag reward is bound to attract attention when utilized, as it alters the player’s movement animation to the Slickback dance.

HAEGIN introduces exciting new additions with the update in Play Together

In the latest update, a new feature called the Resort house is introduced, granting players access to an expansive sea area. Alongside this, it offers a three-tier swimming pool where specific species of fish can be caught, making it a hotspot for players’ friends eager to enhance their fish collection.

Another notable addition is the Fishing Derby Reception Booth, which enables players to host fishing derbies right from the comfort of their own homes. With this feature, players can organize fishing competitions within their residences, provided they have a water body like a pool, pond, or access to the sea.

Play Together Resort House
Image via HAEGIN

Moreover, it allows players to customize various settings, such as the types of fish to target, minimum size requirements, duration of the derby, and more, ensuring a tailored and enjoyable experience for fishing enthusiasts and their friends.

Play Together introduces an exciting daily subscription attendance event

Meanwhile, Play Together organizes the Daily Subscription Attendance event, necessitating players to log in to the game for seven consecutive days to validate their attendance and claim diverse rewards. Additionally, a photo contest revolving around a Fun Pajama Party motif prompts players to adorn their virtual abodes accordingly and submit a snapshot. The victor will be chosen through popular vote and bestowed with a unique prize.

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