SMOL, inspired by Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy Rainbow Six tactical shooter hits mobile via Netflix Games

The gaming world is about to get a dose of “smol” action with the launch of Rainbow Six: SMOL, a fun fast-paced roguelike shooter mobile game inspired by Ubisoft’s ever-popular Tom Clancy Rainbow Six universe, now available on both Android and iOS platforms through Netflix Games.

A general overview of this game from my side would be the Rainbow Six series packed with fun elements with some artistic touch and vibrant colors. The game synopsis is simple, join Rainbow as a Recruit and save the world of Smol from a mysterious threat. Next up, let me touch on the game modes. Rainbow Six SMOL has five game modes and 10 factions of enemies, including dragons, scary demons, and gun-wielding humans.

R6 SMOL gameplay
Image via Ubisoft

To win, players must consider the objective and enemy types they’ll encounter, and adapt their playstyle accordingly. You can assemble unique squads of Rainbow Operators just like the original universe, each with special abilities like Sledge’s brute force or Valkyrie’s recon skills. Complete objectives to unlock new operators, gear, and recruit classes.

After completing missions successfully, players earn XP and in-game credits to unlock new weapons and upgrades. However, if the enemies succeed, the player’s character will permanently die, requiring them to start over with a recruit. You can choose to be stealthy or use your squad’s power to level buildings. Summing it up, with tons of missions, enemies, and infinite Recruits, it’s perfect for hours of fun and destruction.

If you have a Netflix subscription, you get the chance to download and play Rainbow Six: SMOL on your mobile devices via Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS. Who is stopping you now from being a Rainbow recruit? Surely I won’t!

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