MONOPOLY GO! Wild Sticker Boost Feature: All you need to know

MONOPOLY GO! brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies, which even I would love to earn. One of the specialties of these events or tournaments is that we will be getting to play a lot of mini-games or boost events, which helps in get a bigger share of rewards than normal. Now, joining the list will be the all-new Wild Sticker Boost, which I will explain in the article about the details alongside its features in MONOPOLY GO!

MONOPOLY GO! Wild Sticker Boost Feature Details

As mentioned earlier, Wild Stickers is a new boost feature set to debut in the Monopoly GO! game. It offers the ability to select a missing card for your album, surpassing the Galaxy Pack in terms of power and utility. Players can anticipate earning these stickers through various avenues such as events, tournaments, and potentially special collaborations like partner events or Peg-E events.

Upon receiving a Wild Sticker, players are presented with a list of missing stickers from their current album. They must then choose one missing sticker from the list, and upon selection, they’ll obtain a copy of that sticker. Notably, players have the freedom to pick any sticker they lack, including coveted Gold Stickers. I say it’s crucial to choose wisely since selections cannot be undone, but with the assurance that more Wild Stickers will become available in the future.

It’s important to note that Wild Stickers must be used immediately upon earning them since there’s no option to defer their use. Additionally, I also read that Wild Stickers can be used to complete sets or entire albums, offering players rewards equivalent to obtaining the sticker through regular means. This flexibility adds to the appeal of Wild Stickers in enhancing the gameplay experience, which will help players like me to collect and complete more albums.

When will the Wild Sticker Boost feature release in MONOPOLY GO!

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Well, this is something I can’t answer as of now since we have only got the info regarding the upcoming boost. Chances are this will be introduced in the next update since the previous update was just catering to the bug fixes. It is highly possible we see this from the March events, but this is just a prediction from my end.

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