Clash of Clans officially confirms new Town Hall update schedule now to be every 12 months

The Clash of Clans development team has officially confirmed that the new Town Hall update schedule will now occur every 12 months. In a recently held Q&A session, the official team addressed some interesting doubts about a fifth hero, Clan member ranks, more members in Clans, and more, which I will be touching on in this article.

The change is aimed at reducing TH update waiting times for the Clash of Clans players

Answering whether the new TH update schedule is now 12 months instead of roughly 18 months, the team confirms that the 12-month phase will be the new norm now, while also mentioning that there was no solid reason for the 18-month cycle as the schedule. So, instead of waiting a long time for Town Hall updates, they’ll happen more often, about once a year.

clash of clans town hall 16 cover
Image via Supercell

Backing up to this change, the team adds that with this, players won’t have to wait as long to upgrade their Town Halls. The Clash of Clans team wants to make the game better for everyone for which they added Hero Equipment to lower Town Hall levels, encouraging players to keep improving their bases. The team has more people working on the game, so they can come up with new ideas more often. With this, they hope it makes the game more fun and predictable for everyone.

Well, this explains why Town Hall 16 arrived a year after Town Hall 15 while many players were still stuck on upgrading the then-latest TH level. The TH15 arrived with the October 2022 update while the popular December 2023 update gave us the new TH16 while also introducing the fantastic Hero Equipment feature. So, with the new change, we can expect Town Hall 17 to be released pretty soon, although there are some rumours of it being already in the database.

While 100 player Clans are not in sight, adding a new CoC Hero is lingering with balance concerns

The Clash of Clans team addressed several player queries in a recent update. Currently, Clan name changes are not scheduled as priority lies with recruitment changes. Plans to add more Achievements are in place, pending improvements to the user interface and rewards. Clan Alliances haven’t been thoroughly explored yet, with a focus on enhancing the single Clan experience.

The team confirms that complexity issues have limited Clan member ranks to just four. There are no plans for 100-player Clans. Instead, efforts are directed towards optimizing the experience for 50-player Clans. While more Heroes are on the horizon, the team is cautious about allowing more than four per attack due to balance concerns, and they’re in the early stages of developing a system to manage multiple Heroes.

Overall, the Q&A answered plenty of queries that we fans had including me. I say the team has a clear-cut vision on how to carry the game forward, and with the Clash of Clans update schedule for new Town Hall levels being yearly, we can see plenty of action coming every update, so time to increase the pace with the upgrades!

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