Keplerians to not continue the Ice Scream saga, new characters and a universe coming soon

Keplerians Horror Games announced that the studio is finally parting away with its most successful horror series, Ice Scream. That means horror fans will not see Mike, Charlie, or Lis fighting against the evil Rod anymore. After taking player feedback and responses, the studio decided to end the series. However, it will continue with a brand new universe and story.

J Brown and his friends will not be the protagonists anymore, new titles coming soon

Every player who played any of the titles knows the story. Evil Rod has taken custody of your best friends and put them inside his van. He has frozen your best friend using some sort of superpower. Your mission will be hiding inside his van and solving the mystery of this evil villain. To do this, you will travel through different scenarios and solve the necessary puzzles to save the frozen child. This was the beginning of a saga, now it is going to walk the opposite!

Ice Scream United overview
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Now, Keplerians announced that the studio is working on a whole new universe where Ice Scream characters will no longer be available. Rather, the studio will introduce a new set of characters and a different story to feed horror lovers.

We wanted to clarify that the Ice Scream brand was going to close anyway (the factory, the ice cream man, and other enemies), but the survey was to find out if you liked the protagonists enough to continue the adventures with other stories within another brand. Finally, we will only connect it in some way to the Keplerians universe, but both the villain and the protagonist(s) will be new and will tell a completely different story.

Keplerians Horror Games

The rise of Keplerians did not start well, had to cross a difficult path

The company did not start as it is now. It had to cross a hard path along the way. The studio first introduced casual titles like puzzles and fun games. But later, it decided to give it a shot in the horror genre and understood that the genre has a huge market that can turn the company back into a race and profitable. The rest is known by all as everyone liked the horror titles so much and the titles managed to gather a huge number of players. Keplerians always implement real-life experiences and ideas that can be told through famous artworks and a touch of history.

The next phase of Keplerians will be with new protagonists and a brand-new universe

Ice Scream United weapons
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The studio asked for opinions from the players regarding whether it should continue making games in the horror genre with the friends from Ice Scream. But, it seems the audience is looking for something new and does not want to see the characters again in any of the titles from the studio. Keplerians though planned to release a few more titles based on their current series, but that might not happen. No comments from the studio were even made.

In a recent Q&A video from Keplerians, the studio shared a glimpse of their upcoming titles where the 9th edition of the Ice Sream series took a slot. The company decided to make a new edition with the same title and another one for PC. However, player feedback reported that the demand is for something else. So, the decision to shift to another universe with the latest story is based on what players are looking for. A good initiative indeed.

Keplerians may face either side of the coin, or even both

Shifting to another universe and story is promising and a matter of date at the same time. There is always pressure as the expectations will be high. So, any marginal deviation from the core value of gamers’ experiences might result in the opposite. As the company has managed the whole horror segment till now, there is a higher chance that the upcoming projects will also come out as successful ones.

Ice Scream 8
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But, we cannot unsee the opposite side of the coin. It always becomes a matter of concern that the numbers may not work well in new projects. Such as we do not know the exact part where players want to see them. Meaning, that the players are always on the urge that a new story around a new universe should be on the list. From the opinion form that Keplerians asked from the players, the studio wanted to know if the players wanted much violence and what level the next title should be in terms of terrifying the others. So, there is little space for the players to let them know the actual need.

Assuming that as a game studio on a roll for almost a decade, Keplerians knows its market well and it will do as per the audience demand. Thus, we should not doubt the studio much rather it will be worth watching what the studio brings us next, won’t it?

Continuing with the current series: A backup plan for the Studio?

Even though players are looking for something new, there will be more titles on the current mainstream products of Keplerians. For example, the studio will make more games on the Mr. Meat and the Evil Nun franchise. But when the question is putting the protagonists from the Ice Scream, there is mixed view. And, Keplerians decides not to use the characters from Ice Scream anymore. Even if the future projects may not excite the audience well, there will always be the scope to get over again with the existing series.

Upcoming game projects of Keplerians Horror Games
Image via Keplerians Horror Games

Keplerians embarked on their journey in 2013. Later the company took a look at the horror genre and achieved international success with its first horror game, Evil Nun, in 2018. Following the success of the title, they released their first Ice Scream title on the 29th of September 2029. After releasing 8 titles to the original series, one spin-off, and another multiplayer title, the studio finally going to put an end to the Ice Scream saga. Ice Scream titles alone achieved the landmark of 250 million downloads and a total of 400 million downloads for its overall titles. Ice Scream 8: Final Chapter was the last release in the series.

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