Hawk Ops second dev diary shares upcoming gameplay and technical updates

A few months back, the classic Delta Force game announced it is coming to Mobile, PC, and Consoles. Since then, the fans have eagerly waited and responded immensely to the title. However, thanks to the developers, the game is never away from sharing any updates. Now, as Delta Force: Hawk Ops plans its next moves, the second dev diary has come up with many exciting updates including the next phase of testing, new in-game items, operators, optimization, and other features. As per the dev diary, we will take a brief look inside.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops second dev diary shares insights into the game in the coming days

Receiving the immense response, the devs couldn’t help but share many exciting things regarding the title’s future. The title has worked on gameplay design, clients, servers, art, project management, etc. to meet the needs of what the testers have asked for. The latest gameplay update brings a new “Havoc Warfare” multiplayer mode. This is the whole experience that players get while playing. From the in-game mechanics to animations and game physics, everything is included and gets a refined touch.

Reworked maps, low-end device optimization, new operators, and gameplay improvements will boost the experience

So, all the players may not have the same specs or even the same platform. But the game considered everything and optimized the title in a way so that classic Delta Force players along with newcomers can enjoy the same. Besides, there is always an emotional connection that binds everyone with a classic title. The game, thus, went through many reworks and made the maps in a way that would make veterans nostalgic, cherishing the good old days again.

Delta Force Hawk Ops second dev diary shares updates regarding mobile graphics
Image Via Level Infinite

Extraction Mode has now new content as well. One of the maps, Layali Grove, has another inside feature. The smaller map is called Zero Dam where additional loot and crates can be found to make the gameplay more interesting. There will be ester eggs, a new boss, and other improvements.

Similar to the other shooter titles, the game is going to have a lot of guns. Addition to the existing inventory will add as much as 16 new guns to the game including 60 attachments. Players will now have a diverse choice for selecting guns and can improve the performance of each firearm by weapon inspection. A new operator will also be added but the devs haven’t revealed it yet.

Technical updates include new clients, and game optimation to provide a smoother experience

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Global Play Testing Roadmap
Image Via Level Infinite

There were a lot of concerns among the players that the low-end device users wouldn’t be able to receive a smoother experience because the title is heavy. But the devs have assured that the game optimization will let everyone enjoy a smooth gameplay experience irrespective of the device and platform. From the upcoming test, these updates will be noticeable. Besides, the game is working relentlessly to take down the threats of security breaches and cheaters. Tencent’s in-house anti-cheat system will make sure the hackers and cheaters get the response immediately.

The game implemented a new technology called the “Fog of War” that will catch anyone using aimbots and map hacks. It will immediately kick out the cheaters from the game.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops second dev diary shares the title to have the lowest possible latency

For the FPS genre, server response and latency are very important when PvP mode is ongoing. So, the game worked on the issue and hopes to deliver the lowest possible latency for the players to enjoy a top-notch experience. The servers also underwent several checks to see if they function properly.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops second dev diary also shared the title’s insight on graphics. To ensure that the title is a visual prodigy, the animators worked with much care so that every move and action delivers stunning realistic visuals. The firearms will come with a metallic texture and will look more like the actual ones. The experience, as the devs have tried, should be the same on each platform but everyone knows that PCs and Consoles will provide a better visual experience because of the techs on which the platforms run.

A mobile test is underway, the internal mobile build has already been tested

After the title was announced, the playtest roadmap was also shared from it. So, after the first phase of testing, the next test is scheduled. However, it will be PC-exclusive. For the mobile players, the devs said that the internal mobile build is being tested and soon the game will announce a mobile test. However, all the players are hoping that the devs will not hurry but make a beautiful game by taking the time that is needed to prepare the title well.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops is a cross-platform tactical shooter with TiMi Studios at the helm of development duties that was first announced globally on August 19, 2023. The game had already been unveiled for the Chinese market in the same year in July as Operation Delta, and by October 2023, the Global Play Testing Roadmap for the game was disclosed.

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