Blue Archive introduces a new character Hanako along with Triple Rewards Campaign

Blue Archive, the renowned RPG developed by NEXON Korea Corp, has announced the arrival of a mischievous new student named Hanako just in time for the game’s Triple Rewards Campaign, designed to provide a boost to all players regardless of their skill level, experience, or familiarity with the game. Alongside Hanako’s arrival, the troublemaking Striker Wakamo makes her explosive return to Blue Archive.

Strategic combat and the charming allure of its characters lie at the heart of this RPG adventure. Players assume the role of Sensei, a teacher with a troubled past, as they lead a diverse group of students into battle against various enigmatic forces threatening the academy city of Kivotos. With each recruitment event and main story update, new students join the ranks, offering players a mix of tactical planning and real-time action within a light-hearted, emotionally resonant narrative.

Hanako is a refreshing addition to any team and a deadly force on the battlefield in Blue Archive

Decked out in summer attire, Hanako (Swimsuit) adds a refreshing touch to any team and proves to be a formidable presence on the battlefield. Now available through Fest recruitment, she is a Sonic-type Striker hailing from Trinity General School.

Hanako can charge up to two Water Gauges, enhancing her attack damage when an ally employs an EX Skill. Additionally, she can unleash her own EX Skill immediately if she has at least one Water Gauge charged, resulting in an even more devastating effect.

Blue Archive Hanako
Image via Hanako

Accompanying Hanako is the notorious “Fox of Calamity,” Wakamo, returning for Recruitment as one of the Seven Prisoners—a group of exceptionally dangerous students. As a Mystic-type Striker, Wakamo is infamous for causing chaos across large areas of Kivotos. Her EX Skill accumulates damage dealt by allies to a single enemy over 10 seconds, subsequently dealing that accumulated damage as additional Mystic damage to the target.

Furthermore, two formidable new students, Mika and Hoshino (Swimsuit), are available through Fest Recruitment, introducing a new campaign tailored for both new and returning players seeking an extra boost.

The Triple Reward Campaign in Blue Archive extends until Monday, Feb. 19 at 6:59 PM (UTC), with rewards tripled for Lesson and Scrimmages content during the event to facilitate player progression. Additionally, account experience earnings will be doubled from Saturday, Feb. 3 until Saturday, Feb. 17 at 6:59 PM (UTC), providing further incentive for players to immerse themselves in the game’s vibrant world.

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