List of Events, Challenges, Tournaments, and Rewards

In Clash Royale, numerous events and tournaments are held every week, often influenced by the current season running and other factors. Let’s delve into the exciting activities designed to captivate and reward players, making it essential for me to stay updated on their availability. I’ll help y’all explore the upcoming events, tournaments, and challenges that will be on offer in Clash Royale this Season 56 February 2024.

Clash Royale February 2024: Events, Challenges, and Tournaments


The month of February will feature four events every week, mostly themed after the Evolution Bomber and Wall Breakers, and will extend to March 4, the last day of the Season until the next Clash Royale update. All the events will be featuring both 1v1 and 2v2 matches.

1. Bomber Evolution Launch

Clash Royale February 2024 events
Image via Supercell

The February 2024 season kicked off with the Bomber Evolution Launch event, showcasing the latest Evolution card.

2. Power of Love

I see a Valentine’s theme going on here, which will introduce the Power of Love event from February 12 to 19.

3. Explosive Cousins Draft

The name suggests itself, featuring both the evolutions that arrived recently for sure, but will be in draft style. I would like this one!

4. Love Sparks

The final event of the month. I sense a Sparky coming. Well, would it be such a ‘sparking’ event? We’ll find out on March 1st!


Challenges usually follow a particular event and will last for three to four days. We will have four challenges this season.

1. Bomber Evolution Launch

The February 2024 season for Challenges will kick off with the Bomber Evolution Launch event.

2. Power of Love

This challenge is based on the Power of Love event and will run from February 16 to 19.

3. Explosive Cousins Draft

Clash Royale Season 56 card evolutions
Image via Supercell

This penultimate challenge is based on the Explosive Cousins event.

4. Love Sparks

This penultimate challenge is based on the Valkryrie Evolution Draft event and will run from March 1 to 4.


Two Tournaments will see light this season, both being Royal Tournaments with one being a variation from the Standard.

1. Standard Royal Tournament

From February 10 to 14, we will have the Standard Royal Tournament which will be live for you to participate.

2. Mirror Deck Royal Tournament

From February 24 to 28, we will have the Royal Tournament that will be live, with a Mirror Deck battle going on in the arena.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 56 February 2024 Events and Challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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