Disney Realm Breakers, a strategy game featuring Disney characters gets a soft launch for Android in select regions

Disney Realm Breakers is a strategy game featuring Disney characters developed by JOYCITY Corp. and is now available for Android as a soft launch in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. In this game, you will enter the realm of Noi, a once vibrant planet now surrounded by the malevolent Scourge Legion, which threatens to engulf everything in darkness. But don’t worry, because a call has been issued for heroes from across the Disney and Pixar universes to rise and save Noi.

Prepare to defend Noi from its impending doom in Disney Realm Breakers

Noi, a world powered by pure imagination, was once a source of inspiration and wonder. However, an ancient evil stirred within its core, unleashing a scourge of corruption across its lands. This dangerous force, known as the Scourge Legion, seeks to devour everything in its path, draining the very essence of imagination to fuel its reign of terror. With Noi on the verge of collapse, it is up to brave defenders to push back against the encroaching darkness.

Disney Realm Breakers is inviting you to join the battle and form a strong team of Disney and Pixar Knights to stop the Scourge’s advance. Are you all as ready as I am? From Aladdin‘s daring adventures to The Incredibles’ heroic feats, you must band together and fortify your towns to survive the Scourge Legion’s onslaught.

Disney Realm Breakers soft launch
Image via JOYCITY Corp.

Participate in epic Rumble Battles, leading your Knights into combat against the Scourge Legion. Use strategic planning and tactical prowess to outwit the enemy and emerge victorious. However, victory is not won solely on the battlefield; you must also focus on building and expanding your towns, strengthening defenses, and gathering resources to supplement your forces.

For those looking for a more difficult challenge, Field Battles awaits, which I’m excited to try out and see how difficult it can be. In Field Battles join forces with allies to take the fight to the heart of the Scourge Legion’s territory. Work together to reclaim captured landmarks and free the Lumins of Noi from the clutches of darkness. Cooperation is essential as you make cunning strategies to defeat the formidable opponents who stand in your way.

Players from selected regions can begin joining forces with Disney and Pixar Knights

As Noi’s fate hangs in the balance, it is up to us to step up and become the champions of imagination. With courage and determination, we will have to resist the tide of darkness, preserving the essence of what makes Noi and its connected worlds so magical. The battle for Noi has begun, and only through unity and strength will the forces of light triumph over the relentless Scourge Legion.

So come join the battle for Noi, as Disney Realm Breakers is now available for Android users in the Philippines, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia as a soft launch on the Google Play store. The developers have yet to announce an official date for the iOS or global release, so players will have to wait a little longer to get the game. Keep an eye out for official announcements.

What are your thoughts on Disney Realm Breakers, a new Disney strategy game that gets a soft launch for Android and iOS in select regions? Let us know in the comments below!

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