Jet Slides, Map improvements, Ability optimizations, and more

In the latest developer update for the popular battle royale game, Farlight 84, the officials revealed a significant transformation to the Jetpack feature, an integral aspect of the game symbolizing survivor unity. The update focuses on the universal capacity of the Jetpack, aiming to improve gunplay and hero design for a more immersive gaming experience. Addressing player feedback and acknowledging unintended consequences, the latest Farlight 84 February 2024 Dev Update introduces a new movement ability known as JetSlide along with other major changes.

Farlight 84 February 2024 Dev update addresses the major issues with the V2.0 update

1: Introducting JetSlides

Post the V2.0 update, players expressed concerns about the noticeable decrease in character movement speed, impacting emergency responses and maneuverability during the ring closure. To tackle this issue, the developers are expediting the development of “JetSlide.”

Jetslides movement coming in Farlight 84
Image via XD Inc.

This innovative universal movement ability allows characters to utilize the Jetpack for sliding, significantly enhancing movement speed. The goal is not only to enhance hero abilities and gunplay but also to restore the beloved snappiness and speed that defines the Farlight 84 experience.

2: More Covers to be deployed in the Sunder Realms Map

A related issue stems from the redesign of the Jetpack, impacting emergency measures like spam jumping, especially in open areas where covers are scarce. To address this, the developers are adjusting the terrain of the new map, Sunder Realms. The goal is to introduce more covers and ziplines, providing players with additional strategic options in combat situations.

3. Improved Trails

The reduced use of Jetpacks resulted in decreased visibility of Trails, a significant concern for players who value them as personal collections. The solution to this problem involves the introduction of JetSlide, which is expected not only to enhance the visibility of Jetpacks and Trails but also to incorporate Jetpacks into more hero abilities in subsequent updates. This approach will elevate the value of Trails, offering players a renewed appreciation for these customizable features.

4: Matchmaking Update

The introduction of new maps and modes led to an increase in matchmaking times and a decline in match quality. Responding promptly to this Dev Update, the developers implemented a hotfix to prioritize match quality. Plans involve a strategic approach to temporarily closing low-participation maps and modes for rework, with the ultimate aim of concentrating players in higher-quality match queues, consequently improving both match quality and matchmaking times.

5: Countering Skills in the Next Update

Certain skills like Absolute Gravity, EMP Shock, and Vision Erosion gained increased impact post-update, posing challenges for players attempting to counter them. In response, the developers plan to review the overall balance of hero abilities, adjusting the range and warning mechanisms of these skills.

Map Adjustments in Farlight 84 Next Update
Image via XD Inc.

Additionally, countermeasures will be introduced in other hero abilities, such as control immunity and destruction of summons, creating a more intricate and strategic gameplay experience.

6: Passive Abilities

With intense hero reworks underway, passive abilities are undergoing adjustments, with some being merged into active abilities. The developers hint at a future transformation, potentially turning some passives into new active skills, offering players increased strategic depth and variety in their gameplay choices.

What to expect in future updates from Farlight 84

In the coming updates, players can anticipate the implementation of eight solutions, including the introduction of “JetSlide,” additional terrain changes and covers, increased visibility of Trails, unique hero Jetpack skill designs, reworking low-participation maps and modes, adjusting skill ranges and warnings, creating countermeasures in hero abilities, and merging/transforming passive and active skills. These updates, part of the overarching plans for the year, will be communicated through the “What’s NEXT” series, ensuring players stay informed about the evolving landscape of Farlight 84.

With these exciting changes on the horizon, Farlight 84 promises an enhanced and dynamic gaming experience, addressing player concerns and introducing innovative features to keep the community engaged.

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