reveals development plans for 2024 featuring Skin system, PvP, progression, and more

It was nearly three months since I heard anything from Supercell’s monster-hunting action RPG, but the developers now have come searching for the monsters of ‘silence’ to hunt them down. In their latest announcement, the development team has outlined their plans for what is going to be this 2024, and in this space, I aim to discuss and elaborate on the same.

Speaking about the game, you join, a startup known for hunting monsters. Here you get to complete missions given by the founders across various chapters. Explore the map, battle other hunters, and rescue NPCs to earn rewards. Choose from different game modes for varied experiences. I’ve played the closed beta myself and returned with more excitement than I expected. I felt compelled to write a first impression article to share my enthusiasm and encourage others to join in the fun. Development Plans for 2024

The team has outlined a clear plan for the game’s development, addressing player feedback while improving key areas such as content, technology, and features. This is very important in my opinion, since the game is already great in the majority of the areas, and if the player feedback helps in pushing the game to the next level, it would be amazing. home
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A significant focus will be placed on enhancing features that players enjoy the most. This includes improving the early game experience, introducing a skin system for better character customization, and implementing live operations to deliver fresh content regularly.

Key Features in Development

Several key features are currently in development, including:

  • Early Game & Quest System: Improving the tutorial and early game experiences, implementing a linear quest system, and adding narrative elements to the storyline.
  • Skin System: Introducing more skins and customization options for players.
  • Live Operations: Injecting more gameplay events keeps the experience fresh between updates.
  • Social Features: Improving existing social features and providing additional ways for players to interact and express themselves.
  • PvP: Adding PvPvMvE (Player vs. Player vs. Monster vs. Environment) gameplay for exciting multiplayer battles. This according to me is something we should be excited about since this gives a lot of open opportunities for co-op fun.
  • Progression: Exploring additional ways for players to progress and unlock new items.
  • End-Game Content: Creating engaging end-game content with epic rewards to keep players invested.

Overall, these are the features that are in sight currently. It won’t be surprising if there are plenty more to come, given the potential of the game.

What next for Tests, Release Date, and more

Players are invited to join the Discord server to take part in testing upcoming features, especially PvP. Details and invites will be shared there. This gives us a detail that we will be seeing a couple of tests at least before getting a full-fledged launch.

Since the developers have focused on wording tests, I don’t believe we can expect a release anytime soon. 2024 might be a possibility surely, but it won’t be shocking if the game doesn’t globally launch this year as well. Whenever it does, I hope the monsters are ferocious since we will all be ready to hunt them down!

What are your thoughts about the development plans for 2024? Do let us know in the comments!

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