How to not get your account banned, reasons, and more

As One Punch Man: World gains popularity among players, many are eager to dive into the anime-inspired game. However, alongside the common issue of reconnecting to the server recently, some players have encountered another problem from getting banned from the game. Since One Punch Man: World banning players has been a recent issue, and if you find yourself one of the affected and are seeking guidance on recovering your account or understanding the reasons behind the ban, this article is here to help.

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One Punch Man: World Ban Wave is affecting reroll accounts

Following the release of One Punch Man: World, a recent ban wave has affected numerous players. Many of these individuals claim innocence and seek to recover their accounts, reaching out to the team through various social media channels. It’s understandably frustrating for you if you are one of the people who’ve invested time and money into the game, only to face permanent bans without clarity on the reasons.

The issue of banning reroll accounts remains unaddressed by the One Punch Man World team, pending an official announcement. Rerolling is a common practice in gacha games to gain an early advantage, but some players are being banned for this reason, suggesting certain actions may trigger such penalties.

One Punch Man World banned account
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Players who receive bans in One Punch Man: World is presented with a screen stating “Cheating detected.” Many affected individuals have voiced their frustrations and reached out to customer service for assistance. However, the responses they receive often follow a similar template, emphasizing the strict prohibition of cheating or the use of “assistance tools” to maintain fairness in the game.

The message explains that accounts have been suspended due to the use of such tools, disrupting the game balance. Players are encouraged to contact customer service for further inquiries or to appeal their suspension.

How to not get your account banned in One Punch Man: World

If you want to ensure the security of your One Punch Man: World account and steer clear of potential bans, it’s essential to follow certain guidelines to maintain fair play and abide by the game’s terms of service. By avoiding actions that may trigger suspicion or violate the game’s rules, you can safeguard your account from being suspended or banned. Here are some tips to help you keep your account secure and avoid running into trouble with the game’s security systems.

1. Avoid Rerolling too much

One Punch man world arcade
Image via Perfect World Games

It’s best not to reroll excessively, as having too many accounts on one IP address could raise suspicions and potentially lead to a ban. While rerolling can provide advantages, such as obtaining powerful characters early on, doing it excessively may trigger security measures within the game. It’s advisable to reroll within reasonable limits to avoid drawing unwanted attention to your account.

2. Do not use Game Booster or 3rd party apps

Using game booster apps might seem harmless, but they can be flagged as third-party applications by the game’s security systems. These boosters can interfere with the game’s normal operation and might be detected as cheating tools. To prevent any issues, it’s safest to play the game without any additional software or booster apps running in the background.

3. Do not abuse Glitches

While exploiting glitches in the game might seem like a quick way to gain an advantage, doing so can lead to consequences, including account suspension or bans. Game developers typically patch glitches as soon as they’re discovered, and using them to gain an unfair advantage violates the game’s terms of service. It’s best to play the game as intended and report any bugs or glitches encountered to the developers.

4. Say No to Cheats and Clone Emulators

Using cheats or reroll emulators to manipulate the game in your favor is a surefire way to get banned. Cheating undermines the integrity of the game and ruins the experience for other players. Additionally, using emulators to reroll or play the game on unsupported platforms can also lead to bans. It’s essential to play the game fairly and abide by the rules to avoid penalties.

Final Thoughts

In summary, to keep your One Punch Man: World account safe, it’s important to follow the game’s rules. If you are one of the players who were banned for similar reasons, then you should check out the One Punch Man: World customer support. As we’re waiting for the official statement from the team, to avoid problems, avoid excessive rerolling, using cheats, or exploiting glitches. By playing fair and reporting issues, we help create a better gaming experience for everyone.

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