A Walk Through Life, a social simulation game, is set to release on iOS and Android

After achieving success and garnering acclaim on platforms such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, DevilishGames‘ beloved life simulation game, Minabo A Walk Through Life, is set to release on mobile devices and tablets on February 9, 2024.

Embark on a journey through life with the release of Minabo- A Walk Through Life

In Minabo – A Walk Through Life, players engage in a social simulation experience where they navigate life’s journey, concurrently nurturing a turnip and navigating its social dynamics. The journey commences with the turnips sprouting, and as time progresses with each step taken, players have the freedom to set their pace.

Minabo - A Walk Through Life
Image via DevilishGames

Learning and living go hand in hand, as players immerse themselves in the company of other turnips, shaping their personalities through interactions. The strengths and weaknesses acquired along the way significantly influence future interactions.

Players are tasked with cultivating their social circle by prioritizing and tending to meaningful relationships while steering clear of those deemed less important. The game offers the option to adopt various radish pets, lead a life alongside them, initiate families to breed little turnips, or embrace a fast-paced, ephemeral existence. The myriad paths to life in Minabo reflect the diversity of choices available, with none deemed inherently correct.

Unleash your social journey with Minabo’s unique collectible hats

Navigating and flourishing within social connections poses its challenges. Minabo – A Journey through Life provides unique hats that yield various outcomes when worn. Whether it’s effortlessly falling in love, garnering universal disdain, acquiring added elegance, or even altering one’s life expectancy.

Within Minabo – A Journey through Life, each individual’s experience is distinct, and upon culmination, a summary is generated for sharing with friends. Opting to revisit the past instead of embarking on a new life in Minabo – A Journey through Life unveils answers and opportunities for discovery. Pre-registration for the game is now open on iOS.

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