Antler Interactive CEO predicts AI will bring exciting changes to video games

In an interview, Lenny Pettersson, CEO of Antler Interactive, the creators of Krystopia: Nova’s Journey and the popular web3 game My Neighbour Alice, revealed some fascinating insights into where AI is taking gaming. Over the last few months, major players in the gaming industry such as Xbox, Bandai Namco, and Tencent have jumped headfirst into the world of AI-powered gaming. Investments in AI gaming increased by 50 percent in just the third quarter of 2023, and the trend shows no signs of slowing.

How AI is shaping the future of video games

According to Pettersson, adaptive storytelling is taking center stage. Imagine a game in which the story evolves based on your actions. I know it’s difficult to picture such a large feat, but that is the promise of procedural gaming. AI allows games to dynamically adapt to player preferences, resulting in unique and immersive experiences tailored to each player. Now that’s what I call an exclusive gaming experience for each one of us.

However, while AI has opened up game development and enabled smaller studios to succeed, it also presents challenges. With the rapid pace of game development fueled by AI, the market is becoming overcrowded with games. Pettersson compares it to the content explosion on platforms such as YouTube, which raises concerns about the quality and originality of games in this AI-driven age. In my opinion, the concern is justified because we may have more games to play, but the originality will be significantly reduced.

Antler Interactive CEO AI
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Despite AI advancements, Pettersson highlights the importance of human creativity in game development, which is entirely correct because even with advanced AI, the game created by AI will lack the emotion that only a human can bring to life. He believes that AI should be used to supplement, rather than replace, human creativity, particularly in developing compelling narratives that resonate with players.

How AI is transforming video game stories and experiences

While there are some challenges, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is transforming gaming storytelling. AI enhances game narratives by creating dynamic, responsive interactions and personalized experiences, allowing us to shape our own adventures, which I believe is like a blessing for us.

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AI also enables studios to innovate and create new gaming experiences. From AI-generated worlds to dynamic gameplay based on player actions, the possibilities are limitless, and I’m confident that by utilizing these features, gaming studios will produce results that will be perfect.

Antler Interactive is betting big on procedural and dynamic gameplay, using AI to create unforgettable gaming experiences. With a focus on combining AI and human creativity, the future of gaming looks promising. I’m excited to see what the future holds, but one thing is certain: artificial intelligence is changing the way we play and experience games.

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