Project RUN, NetEase’s zombie strategy game enters early access for Android in selected regions

Project RUN is a zombie survival strategy game that is now available for early access on Android in the United States and Canada. Project RUN is provided by NetEase Games and published under their global publishing arm Exptional Global. In this game, the world is overrun by zombies, and the only goal is survival.

Survive the zombie apocalypse in Project RUN

Zombies are relentless in this game, and they will not stop until they have caught you. As you rush to safety, you’ll need quick reflexes to select the best skills, perform powerful combos, and grab buffs to improve your weapons and heal yourself. I understand how difficult it is to make quick decisions, but don’t worry, there is an auto-shooting feature to lend us a hand.

Surviving in this game is more than just running; it is about thriving. You must master essential skills such as hunting, cooking, and woodcutting to gather resources scattered throughout the fallen city, which I am confident will keep us engaged in the game. These resources are critical for protecting your sanctuary from the undead hordes.

Project RUN early access
Image via NetEase Games

Another aspect of Project RUN that piques my interest is that in a world where every survivor is valuable, finding heroes with unique abilities is critical. These heroes can help you outrun zombies, lead troops into battle, and increase resource production. Whether you’re fighting zombies or expanding your base, heroes are critical to your survival strategy, indicating how important recruiting heroes will be.

Also, the ability to form alliances in this game is a great feature because you are vulnerable if you play alone. With allies on your side, you can withstand the attack. So, join or form alliances to defend against attacks, challenge world leaders, and share assets and technology. You can even work with two other leaders to increase your daily resource gains.

Players from the selected regions can start their survival in the zombie apocalypse

Project RUN is more than just running and hiding; it also involves strategic thinking. To repel enemies and defend your territories, you must manage your resources wisely, strengthen your military, and upgrade your troops. Forging alliances with other players is also important, which I will do once I begin playing this game, as it can mean the difference between survival and extinction.

So come join the fight for survival, as Project RUN is now available for Android users in the United States and Canada for early access via the Google Play Store. The developers have yet to announce an official date for the iOS or global release, so players will have to wait a little longer to get the game, so stay tuned for official announcements.

Are you excited as Project RUN enters early access for Android in the selected regions? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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