In Search of Hidden Ruins” event story with new students, events, and more

Three fresh faces, Ui (Swimsuit), Hinata (Swimsuit), and Koharu (Swimsuit), find themselves stranded on the shores of the well-known mobile RPG Blue Archive. The occasion is the Trinity Extracurriculars: In Search of Hidden Ruins Event Story, where players embark on an archaeological journey. In this tale, participants assume the role of Sensei, alongside the Trinity General School students Ui, Hinata, and Koharu, as they navigate a deserted island in pursuit of ancient ruins.

The adventure of Trinity Extracurriculars brings three new students to guide players through the journey:

  • Ui (Swimsuit) – A force to be reckoned with in an adorable summer ensemble, Ui (Swimsuit) is a Piercing-type Striker who wields a sniper rifle and an EX Skill that moves her allies to her position, imbuing them with Piercing Effectiveness.
  • Hinata (Swimsuit) – Continuing the summery swimsuit trend, fellow Trinity General School student Hinata (Swimsuit) is the perfect battle partner. An Explosive-type Striker, her EX Skill deals massive damage that scales with her ATK, or attack/offensive power, to all enemies in a circular area, ignoring up to 80% of their defense power.
  • Koharu (Swimsuit) – By the side of her fellow students, Koharu (Swimsuit), is a deadly force on the battlefield. Koharu can be recruited to players’ teams by advancing through the latest event story.

Blue Archive Trinity Extracurriculars event story features exciting mini-games and events

Enhancing the thrill, the event narrative is filled with various mini-games that bestow a plethora of rewards upon participants. As individuals advance through the narrative, they have the opportunity to accumulate Event Points, which can subsequently be traded for Credit Points.

These Credit Points enable the acquisition of items from the shop and facilitate the enhancement of skill levels for the students. Additionally, the Credit Points can be allocated towards elevating Koharu (Swimsuit)’s Elephs, contributing to the improvement of her rank and Unique Equipment. The three powerful new students also bring celebratory events and features including:

  • Precision Recruitment – With new players in mind, Nexon introduced Precision Recruitment, a system that allows up to nine re-rolls when recruiting students to a team.
  • Free Recruitment x100 Event – Players who log in will receive a 10-free-recruitment ticket each day until Thursday, Feb. 8, plus an additional 20 on Wednesday, Feb. 7. Players can also earn 1,200 Pyroxenes by logging into the game until Tuesday, Feb. 6.
  • Quality-of-Life Improvements: Nexon removed sub-stages from main content missions and distributed rewards across the normal stages for a more intuitive playthrough experience. Profiles and ID Cards now include a new title system, and the max account level has been raised to 87.

That was all about the Blue Archive Trinity Extracurriculars: In Search of Hidden Ruins event story.

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