Pirate War, the free-to-play strategy game by FunPlus is now available on PC

FunPlus International AG has recently revealed the release of its highly acclaimed mobile strategy game, “Sea of Conquest: Pirate War,” on PC. Following a successful soft launch on mobile devices, the game has achieved Top 10 positions in both the App Store and Google Play’s Strategy Game rankings. Coinciding with the PC launch is the unveiling of the game’s second significant update – Waka Waters – immersing players in a mysterious land teeming with vitality in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War.

With an impressive 3 million registrations already, “Sea of Conquest: Pirate War” now expands its presence to PC, joining FunPlus’ growing portfolio of multiplatform games. Interested players can download the game for free from Google Play and the App Store.

The transition to PC represents a significant milestone for gamers globally, offering the same immersive experience as the mobile version but on a larger screen. As players navigate vast oceans, customize ships, and engage in epic battles, the PC version promises an unprecedented level of freedom, strategy, and adventure.

The Waka Waters update brings two formidable new heroes, Obi and Wanda in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

Accompanying the launch on PC is the introduction of the game’s second major update – Waka Waters – which transports players to a mysterious land full of vigor in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War. The Waka Waters Season brings two formidable new heroes, Obi and Wanda, to the pirate crew. The update features a new element, “The Grand Line,” where gangs vie for control of special islands, unlocking exclusive benefits and rewards.

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War PC available, Sea of Conquest: Pirate War Waka Waters update
Image via FunPlus

Continuing the adventure, the new season introduces a wealth of fresh content. Players will explore uncharted waters, partake in thrilling adventures, and engage in new missions featuring the daring Henry Hell. The update includes the introduction of treasure maps and dungeons, while new Guilds offer trading opportunities and goods in Guilds’ emporiums.

Waka Waters also brings expanded hero trials, the chance to unlock exclusive weapons, and the ability to customize fleets with new configuration options. The farewell of The Far North’s Squad Raid sets the stage for an all-new Squad Raid in the depths of the lair, promising an even more thrilling gaming experience.

“Sea of Conquest: Pirate War” is now accessible on Google Play and the App Store. FunPlus’ latest mobile strategy game, designed to revolutionize mobile strategy gaming by leveraging Unreal Engine 5 and Dolby Surround Sound for unparalleled visual and auditory immersion, empowers players to traverse vast oceans aboard pirate ships, customize their conquest journey, and engage in epic multiplayer warfare.

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