Azur Lane Spring Festive Fiasco event brings five new shipgirls, outfits, and more

Azur Lane has announced its latest event, “Spring Festive Fiasco,” introducing the debut of five new shipgirls, including one Super Rare shipgirl. Alongside the introduction of these new additions, Commanders have the opportunity to acquire seven fresh skins available in the shop, along with a variety of exciting rewards throughout the event.

Fu Shun, ever inquisitive despite now serving as the secretary ship, remains dedicated to unraveling hidden secrets. Guided by a mysterious force, the girls find themselves at an abandoned factory, where the unknown awaits them in the shadows.

Enjoy the Spring Festive Fiasco event and earn amazing rewards in Azur Lane

Beyond the narrative, Azur Lane has launched a special limited-time event, “Spring Festive Fiasco,” scheduled to run until February 21st, 2024. Commanders are encouraged to participate in world BOSS battles to accumulate damage PT and PT, allowing them to claim full server rewards and personal rewards. Additionally, Commanders can secure Bonus Tickets by completing various tasks during the event. These tickets grant access to three basic levels, offering challenging opportunities and the chance to confront the EX difficulty level.

Azur Lane Spring Festive Fiasco event
Image via Yostar Games

Azur Lane introduces five new shipgirls in the Spring Festive Fiasco event

The current event marks the introduction of five new shipgirls, with particular emphasis on the highly coveted Super Rare shipgirl, Huan Ch’ang. Accompanying her are four Elite shipgirls, making their inaugural appearance in the game: Chi An, Lung Wu, Hu Pen, and Fei Yuen. It’s worth noting that players have the opportunity to obtain Fei Yuen without any cost during this special event.

To further enhance the gaming experience, the other new shipgirls will have an increased rate of appearance in the Limited Construction Pool throughout the duration of the event, heightening players’ chances of successfully recruiting them.

Within the ongoing “Spring Festive Fiasco” event, a captivating collection of seven new skins has been unveiled under the esteemed Empery’s Fineries series. Notable highlights encompass an L2D skin titled “Ascendant Dragon’s Spring Feast” designed for Lung Wu, along with two dynamic skins: “Dance Beneath the Moonlight” for Huan Ch’ang and “Prancing Tiger Welcomes the Spring” for Hu Pen. These exclusive skins for Lung Wu, Huan Ch’ang, and Hu Pen are accessible through temporary outfit voucher rentals, a reward readily obtainable by Commanders through regular logins during the event.

Simultaneously, the event marks the return of eight popular skins, all belonging to the Empery’s Fineries series. This rerun showcases L2D skins for Ying Swei and Chao Ho, complemented by dynamic skins for Yat Sen and Hwah Jah. For Commanders who may have missed the opportunity to acquire these skins previously, this event provides a renewed chance to enrich their collection.

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