HyperBeard Games gets rebranded reflecting on its growth and values

HyperBeard Games has announced that it has been rebranded starting January 26, 2024. The decision to refresh their brand was inspired by one of the most beloved household pets globally – the cat. The new symbol, a special cat with a playful expression and a “fluffy” appearance reminiscent of a beard, has been chosen to deeply identify the organization. This symbol reflects the evolution of HyperBeard as a brand, symbolizing growth throughout the years.

HyperBeard Games is committed to building inclusive and safe communities in the world of mobile gaming

The new cat symbol is not just any cat; it embodies friendliness and closeness. The playful expression and fluffy appearance, resembling a beard, aim to convey a sense of warmth and amiability. HyperBeard recognizes its diverse audience, predominantly consisting of female players, the LGBT+ community, and young adults. The choice of the cat as a symbol is a deliberate effort to honor and represent the spirit of their audience, inspiring cuteness, creativity, and diversity.

HyperBeard highlighted its journey in the world of mobile video games, specializing in wholesome and welcoming games such as Adorable Home, Pocket Love, Tsuki Adventure, and KleptoCats. With a community of over 200 million players worldwide, the brand has become synonymous with creating unique and adorable gaming experiences.

Pocket Love upcoming game, pocket love review
Image via HyperBeard

The motto, “We Make Little Games BIG,” underlines their enthusiasm to share passion and love with the community through more games, content updates, and a fresh brand image.

The company is committed to building inclusive and safe communities where everyone can find a space to be themselves. HyperBeard wants to convey that they are friends in the world of mobile gaming, aiming to make each day a little more fun and welcoming for their community.

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