Ex Astris, Hypergryph’s premium 3D RPG opens pre-registration ahead of a global launch

Ex Astris, a 3D turn-based action RPG from Hypergryph, will be released on February 27, 2024, and pre-registration for this highly anticipated game has already begun for Android and iOS.

The game promises to take you on a cosmic adventure as an investigator in the captivating world of Allindo. Ex Astris departs from the mundane and opens up a kaleidoscopic realm where you will face challenges, encounter strange creatures, and uncover the mysteries of a planet in a tidally locked orbit.

Discover the secrets of Allindo in Ex Astris

Ex Astris’ expansive world will allow players to explore a planet divided by massive ring-shaped storms, resulting in an endless cycle of twilight. Strange creatures and intelligent beings with human-like characteristics inhabit these foreign lands.

Ex Astris Pre-registration
Image via Hypergryph

As the investigators embark on an RV journey, you will gather memories, learn about diverse local cultures, and confront the mystery behind a looming storm. Prepare to explore uncharted territories, where each discovery brings us closer to understanding the universe’s secrets.

Ex Astris features the innovative Obscura Maneuver system, which offers a unique blend of turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action. Players must respond strategically to enemy attacks. Team up with allies to unleash devastating combos and joint attacks, giving you a tactical advantage in the face of adversity. The game’s unique combat system adds another layer of excitement, keeping players interested throughout their interstellar battles.

Prepare for cosmic adventures, as Pre-registration is now open for Ex Astris

Create a team of vibrant companions, each with their own motivations and stories. Understanding your team’s characteristics is critical to its strength. In Allindo, look for materials to make special dishes and Laylah Keys, which will equip your team for the challenges ahead.

Solve complex puzzles, defeat formidable foes, and gradually reveal the mysteries that surround the captivating world. Ex Astris promises an immersive progression experience in which each decision influences the outcome of your cosmic adventure.

Ex Astris will be available for Android and iOS on February 27, 2024, with a price of $9.99. Pre-register today and get ready to explore the universe in this innovative 3D RPG. Pre-registration for Ex Astris is now available on the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

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