Reckoning launch plan has been cancelled following strategic adjustment of Archosaur Games

Archosaur Games has announced that the highly anticipated MMORPG mobile game Avatar: Reckoning will have its launch plan cancelled. This decision was taken in relation to Archosaur Games voluntarily confirming a strategic adjustment in products and operations.

Avatar: Reckoning promised to deliver a solid mobile game in terms of graphical quality

You embark on an extraordinary gaming journey with Avatar: Reckoning, boasting breathtaking graphics that transport players to the mysterious moon of Pandora. The game unveils a captivating narrative, urging players to follow in their parent’s footsteps, collaborate with the RDA SciOps Division, and delve into the secrets of the alien world.

Avatar Reckoning
Image via Tencent

Offering a Mobile-Optimized Shooter, the game ensures an exhilarating combat experience tailored for touchscreen devices. Personalize your Avatar, equip powerful weapons, and choose from diverse classes, adding a unique touch to your adventure. The game offered Pandora’s Perils in solo missions or team up for co-op battles, promising an engaging and dynamic experience in this stunning virtual realm.

Looking at the description itself, one could point at the game being a large-scale project. Announced first in 2022 under publisher Level Infinite, the closed beta of the game was conducted in Canada, following which one more was conducted in the Philippines as well. Just recently, the developer had previously opened Avatar: Reckoning for pre-registration in China while also confirming that the game will be released in China in the first half of 2024.

The announcement of launch plan cancellation of Avatar: Reckoning comes as a shock

Archosaur Games boasts a portfolio of successful titles including Dragon RajaMadtale, Noah’s Heart, Life Makeover, etc under their belt, and this title was supposed to be better than the rest. Banking on the Avatar IP, known for its blockbuster movies, the game was anticipated to be a standout hit. With both Avatar films ranking among the highest-grossing of all time, the game was poised to capitalize on this success and deliver a hit on mobile.

Archosaur Games cancellation official announcement
Image via Archosaur Games

With two years in development, bailing out of such an ambitious project is indeed a shock. Part of the cancellation could be attributed to the fact that, while Tencent’s Level Infinite was no longer set to publish Avatar: Reckoning, the company itself took charge, and handling a big project might have been difficult given the development costs going to be for a large scale project.

Looking at the AppMagic data for the company, it has maintained a steady graph, where its peak can be attributed to the launch of Dragon Raja. They have a decent download count for their games as well, so the reason for this decision might be something we can’t explain.

Archosaur Games appmagic data
Image via AppMagic/GamingonPhone

The prospects of getting Avatar: Reckoning back on track seem bleak at the moment. Reversing such decisions is rare, and any potential revival might hinge on the interest of another developer or publisher willing to reignite the project. As it stands, the future of Avatar: Reckoning remains uncertain.

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