Old School RuneScape announces its roadmap for the year 2024

The Winter Summit of Old School RuneScape premiered over the weekend, revealing the roadmap lineup for 2024. At the forefront of the summit was the introduction of Valamore, a new area expansion initially showcased during the Summer Summit of 2023.

Players will have the opportunity to explore Civitas illa Fortis and the expansive Avium Savannah, immersing themselves in new quests, the Fortis Colosseum, the Perilous Moons minigame, and the Hunter Guild. The second part is scheduled for a Summer release, focusing on the opulent island of Aldarin and the formidable mountain range to the north of Civitas illa Fortis.

Varlamore, the Shining Kingdom has been announced in the Old School RuneScape roadmap

Varlamore, referred to as the Shining Kingdom, took center stage as a notable highlight, and the development team has recently released a detailed devblog providing insights into what players can anticipate. While Varlamore’s announcement occurred some time ago, the newly revealed information delves into various aspects of what to expect, including additions, adjustments, and more, marking OSRS’s most extensive area expansion.

Players can anticipate commencing their journey in the heart of the kingdom and navigating through its capital. The expansion encompasses not only the capital but also introduces diverse locations, unique creatures, engaging lore, and more.

Old School Runescape Zerker
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The Fortis Colosseum is set to introduce a PvM minigame, featuring a new rune type and including dungeon content and associated rewards. The first part of this expansion is slated to release on March 20th, with additional expansions, incorporating new activities and quests, expected in the summer.

Defender of Varrock is coming back, with most of the quest returning as a part of the Old School RuneScape roadmap

This month, players can anticipate the arrival of Scurrius, The Rat King, an unusually large rodent and the latest addition to the PvM boss roster. This particular boss is designed to serve as an entry-level encounter, providing players with an introduction to PvM content. Scurrius can be confronted either solo or as part of a group.

The return of Defender of Varrock is on the horizon, bringing back most of the quest in a manner reminiscent of how veterans remember it, albeit with some adjustments. The Mahjarrat Storyline is set to progress with the introduction of a Grandmaster Quest titled “While Guthix Sleeps.”

Although it originates from the original quest, it has undergone backporting with several changes to align it with the game’s longer-term plans. Players can expect the revamped quest to be released in the summer.

An update is planned for the Wilderness, catering to all builds and introducing content for various player preferences. As part of this update, the Chaos Temple is undergoing a refresh. Analyzing statistics, it has been observed that a significant portion of PvP deaths in the current Wilderness occurs in the 20-40 level range. To address this, the development team aims to introduce new elements.

The revamped Chaos Temple is envisioned as a hotspot, offering players opportunities to earn cash, acquire new Wilderness or PvP-focused unique items, and engage in battles with players around their level. Essentially, it serves as a potential entry point into Wilderness PvP, enticing players with both the prospect of engaging in player-versus-player combat and the allure of valuable loot.

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