List of all Upcoming Characters for Version 2.0 to 2.1

If you are looking for significant updates in Honkai: Star Rail’s upcoming characters, featuring gameplay enhancements, optimizations, and fresh content, including leaked rerun banners, then you are in the right place. Within this article, you can expect to know several Honkai: Star Rail: List of all Upcoming Characters for the next few versions.

We are here to provide you with information about the list of upcoming characters in HSR that are constantly revealed. This intricately designed turn-based tactical RPG invites you to explore exciting new features and characters within the Honkai: Star Rail universe.

Honkai: Star Rail Upcoming Characters for Version 2.0

1. Black Swan

The first character to be introduced in version 2.0 is Black Swan, she is expected to be a top-tier 5-star character in Honkai: Star Rail rocking the Wind-type element and cruising down the Path of Nihility. She’s got a gameplay style that’s all about messing with enemies using clever debuffs and nifty utility moves.

Honkai Star Rail Black Swan
Image via HoYoverse

Black Swan’s skills not only hit the main target but also give a hard time to nearby foes, messing up their defenses. Her ultimate move is a game-changer, cranking up the power of Fate Card effects and making the targets way more vulnerable.

Black Swan’s special talent kicks in when enemies are dealing with Damage over Time (DoT) conditions. This sets off Fate Cards that dish out some serious damage over time to those unlucky enemies. In simple terms, Black Swan is your go-to gal for causing chaos with debuffs and DoT effects. All of these are making her a real powerhouse on the battlefield.

2. Sparkle

Let’s now talk about the upcoming character, Sparkle. You might have heard about her earlier as Hanabi. She’s set to be a 5-star character with the Quantum-type element, following the Path of Harmony. Originally leaked, Sparkle is a mysterious member of the Masked Fools, a group that’s a bit on the shady side.

Honkai Star Rail Sparkle

She’s all about versatility and doesn’t care much about fancy stuff like wealth or power. She’s on her way, bringing a good support kit that’s perfect for boosting teammates who rely on skill-based tactics. She’s designed to work hand-in-hand with Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae, and together they make a powerful team that emphasizes the importance of teamwork in battles.

Sparkle’s main thing is to give a boost to those who depend on skill points, making her a key player in strategic teamwork. With her support abilities, Sparkle is gearing up to help her allies tackle different challenges in the Honkai universe. Black Swan and Sparkle are pretty much anticipated in the Honkai: Star Rail version 2.0 banner.

A recent leak from a reliable source in Reddit has surfaced that Jing Yuan rerun will also come in version 2.0 in the first phase, and the Imbibitor Lunae rerun is also coming along the Sparkle banner in the second phase of 2.0.

Honkai: Star Rail Upcoming Characters for Version 2.1

1. Aventurine

Aventurine is expected to be released in version 2.1 of HSR, he is a 5-star Imaginary character in Honkai Star Rail, belonging to the Preservation Path and working alongside Topaz in the Interastral Peace Corporation’s Strategic Investment Department. As an executive and a member of the Ten Stonehearts, Aventurine brings strategic prowess to the table.

Honkai Star Rail Aventurine
Image via HoYoverse

His unique abilities include providing all allies with an exclusive shield based on his DEF, refreshing suits for added protection, and accumulating energy to unleash powerful Imaginary attacks. Aventurine’s skills focus on shielding allies, enhancing defenses, and delivering impactful damage in the Honkai universe.

2. Sam

Sam is one of the anticipated 5-star characters in version 2.1 and brings fiery power with the Fire element. As a Destruction Path character and member of the Stellaron Hunters, Sam debuts in the Myriad Celestia Trailer—The Jepella Rebellion — Scene 4. Sam’s leaked skills involve sacrificing Max HP for intense Fire damage, with added perks against Fire-weak enemies.

Honkai Star Rail Sam
Image via HoYoverse

In the Red Temperature state, Sam boosts ATK and Speed while maintaining high damage reduction. Although energy recovery is disabled, Sam exits this state after a countdown. Talents grant energy based on lost health, with up to 40% damage reduction at lower health levels. Sam’s technique restores health and increases Max HP for future battles, making them a resilient force.

Final Thoughts

The future of Honkai: Star Rail is filled with anticipation and promise. Exciting updates are on the horizon, bringing with them new characters that are sure to redefine the gameplay experience. As the game evolves, players can look forward to discovering fresh abilities, strategic elements, and intriguing storylines.

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