Palworld might release on mobile as Pocketpair is hiring Mobile Game Engineers

Palworld, the multiplayer survival crafting adventure from Pocketpair, is breaking records in just two days of its global release. The more interesting fact is that the title’s developer, Pocketpair, has opened positions for Mobile Game Engineers, hinting at a potential release of Palworld on mobile devices.

The game was launched worldwide on the 19th of January 2024. Within just two days after its release, it sold 4 million copies on Steam joined the record-breaking charts, and gathered nearly 1,200,000 concurrent player peaks at the time of writing this article. Besides, it became the highest concurrent player peak for any paid games.

Pocketpair is looking for Mobile Game Engineers for its Tokyo studio, Palworld may release on mobile

Pocketpair didn’t confirm how many vacancies are they taking people for. But from the job description that the company has shared, the developers will be in charge of their Tokyo office. The games will be developed using Unity. The company wants developers to build “game systems that will be the core of play“.

The company also stated that the developers will work on actions, animations, and expressions of the game characters. It asks especially for “development experience in Unity‘. As Pocketpair always looking to create titles that players want to play, it makes no sense to realize that mobile gamers will ask for Palworld to release on mobile devices!

Pocketpair is hiring Mobile Game Engineers
Image via Pocketpair

Palworld is the current hotcake with its exceptional gameplay

Palworld is an open-world multiplayer where characters are Pokemon-themed and have modern weapons to fight against others! Thus, it captured the name Pokémon With Guns. These cute characters are known as “Pals” and you’ll be fighting to capture them. These Pals can be used for serving several purposes like traveling, fighting, or even base building. Each match is of 32 players either solo or co-op.

As the mobile gaming industry is huge and has potential for the future days, the developers might want to release a mobile port of the title. Being a paid title, the hype cannot be fathomed for mobile users but looking at the market and player count worldwide, Palworld should launch on mobile. But we all have to wait for Pocketpair’s decision regarding it.

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