When is the next Reverse: 1999 update

The latest version 1.3 update for Reverse: 1999 is now live, bringing a bunch of new features, optimizations, characters, and events. The first phase of this update introduces a special time-limited event called Home Practice. If you’re curious about when the next Reverse: 1999 update is dropping, we’ve got you covered with accurate details and information.

Go on a journey through the Reverse: 1999 universe, solving puzzles, and engaging in battles across various eras. Discover the major improvements and events in the latest version 1.3 update. Elevate your gaming experience with helpful resources like a tier list, beginners guide, reroll guide, and currency guide.

Upcoming Reverse: 1999 update release date

Get ready for the next Reverse: 1999 update, expected to hit version 1.4, bringing in noteworthy additions and changes. This update promises fresh features, improvements, and the introduction of exciting new characters. In the current version 1.3 update, they introduced features like the Kaalaa Baunaa and Shamane banner, each accompanied by a new quest for the respective character.

Reverse 1999 Kaalaa Baunaa Insight
Image via Bluepoch

The current update, starting on January 18th, 2024, will wrap up on February 26, 2024, following the usual monthly update schedule. So, mark your calendars because the eagerly awaited Reverse: 1999 version 1.4 update is set to drop on February 26th.

What to expect from the next Reverse: 1999 update

Get ready for an exciting ride in the upcoming Reverse: 1999 update. The game is expected to unveil intriguing new characters integral to the game’s storyline. From insights gathered during the Closed Beta, it’s anticipated that version 1.4 will introduce upcoming characters for Reverse: 1999, named 37 and 6.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37
Image via Bluepch

But wait, there’s more to look forward to, with a consistent trend of 14 free pulls in every update from version 1.2 to 1.3, players are wondering if this will continue in version 1.4. Alongside the introduction of new 6-star characters, brace yourself for an influx of fresh Psychubes. Save the date because this update is set to elevate your Reverse: 1999 experience to new heights.

Final Thoughts

Prepare for an exciting transformation in the upcoming Reverse: 1999 update. This next installment is set to introduce captivating characters, notably 6-star limited additions like 37 and 6, promising to elevate the narrative and gameplay.

The anticipation builds further as players speculate whether the pattern of receiving 14 free pulls will persist in version 1.4. Alongside the debut of impressive 6-star characters, there’s also the expectation of additional Psychubes, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

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