Please, Touch The Artwork 2, an upcoming indie title is set to release in February; now open for pre-registration

Belgian solo developer Thomas Waterzooi has unveiled its latest gaming masterpiece, “Please, Touch The Artwork 2.” The upcoming indie title Please, Touch The Artwork 2 is scheduled for release on mobile devices on 19th February 2024, is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices.

The tranquil and engaging hidden-object game is poised to debut on the said date. Waterzooi, in a laudable display of artistic celebration, has decided to offer the entire gaming experience completely free of charge. This generosity extends beyond mere affordability, as the game will be devoid of any intrusive ads or in-app purchases, ensuring players can fully immerse themselves without any interruptions.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 transforms iconic paintings into an engaging hidden-object adventure

In a poignant tribute to the 75th anniversary of James Ensor’s passing in 2024, players are not just invited but encouraged to embark on a captivating journey into the world of the Belgian Modern Art pioneer. “Please, Touch The Artwork 2” ingeniously transforms Ensor’s iconic paintings into a quirky, cozy, and enchanting hidden-object adventure. As players navigate through the game, they are treated to an artistic odyssey, exploring the nuances and brilliance of Ensor’s work in an interactive and engaging manner.

Please Touch The Artwork 2 pre-registration
Image via Thomas Waterzooi

The thoughtful incorporation of Ensor’s masterpieces into the gaming landscape ensures that players experience not only the thrill of the hidden-object genre but also gain a deeper appreciation for the renowned artist’s contributions.

This unique blend promises a gaming experience that transcends mere entertainment, offering a meaningful and immersive encounter with the legacy of James Ensor. For both art enthusiasts and gaming aficionados, “Please, Touch The Artwork 2” stands as a testament to Waterzooi’s dedication to creating a truly captivating and memorable experience.

Please, Touch The Artwork 2 will be available for free on Android and iOS globally

In a noteworthy announcement, it has been revealed that, with the backing of the Flemish Government, “Please, Touch The Artwork 2” which is currently under pre-registration, will be accessible on Android and iOS devices at no cost to individuals. This generous initiative comes as part of the commemoration of the Belgian EU Presidency in 2024, signifying a collaborative effort to provide widespread access to the artistic gaming experience.

The support extended by the Flemish Government underscores their commitment to fostering cultural engagement and accessibility. By making “Please, Touch The Artwork 2” freely available to a broader audience, especially those with smartphones and tablets, the initiative aims to enhance the reach of this unique and immersive hidden-object adventure, centered around the artistic legacy of James Ensor.

This collaboration not only reinforces the importance of art and culture but also reflects a collective endeavor to celebrate creativity and engage a diverse audience. Through this initiative, individuals across different demographics will have the opportunity to explore the world of Ensor’s masterpieces, contributing to a richer and more inclusive cultural experience during the Belgian EU Presidency in 2024.

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