Cookie Run: Kingdom Version 5.0 update “Secrets of the Silver Kingdom” is set to release on January 20th, 2024

Cookie Run: Kingdom is set to release the new Version 5.0 update “Secrets of the Silver Kingdom” on January 20th, 2024. The update will be available after maintenance which will be held around 14:00 to 19:00 (GMT +9). The new update celebrates Cookie Run: Kingdom’s 3rd Anniversary with a brand new update that finally gives us the climax of the story with White Lily Cookie and the overall main plot of the game. Let’s take a look at the list of new features coming with the January 20th update! ​

Some portions of this update’s content may change before its release. The finalized changes will be available in the patch notes once the update is complete. As it is, the new update will be filled with new content such as new Cookies, New Episodes, Limited Events, Toppings, Treasures, QoL updates, and more!

  • Rarity: Ancient
  • Type: Bomber
  • Position: Middle

“I wished to seek the truth…” Get ready to meet White Lily Cookie, the last Ancient Hero to join the Cookie Kingdom. White Lily Cookie is a Bomber Cookie who uses the skill “Lily Bud.”

Skill description: A pure white lily pod bursts open, dealing periodic damage to enemies and additional damage depending on the number of buffs White Lily Cookie has on herself. Enemies affected by the skill will become entangled in Vines, unable to move or use skills.

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Whenever an ally Cookie gains a debuff, they will gain the Lily Restoration buff. Once Lily Restoration reaches a certain number of stacks, it will dispel all current debuffs on the allies and heal them. White Lily Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects.

Check out the Neither-gacha, where you can meet White Lily Cookie and obtain her Soulstones.· Collect Light of Freedom through various events or from the shop to use the Nether-gacha.· In the Nether-gacha, White Lily Cookie and White Lily Cookie’s Soulstones will appear with a higher chance.· After x250 Nether-gacha pulls, you can receive a guaranteed White Lily Cookie.· After the Nether-gacha event is over, the remaining Light of Freedom will be converted to Coins.

  • Rarity: Epic
  • Type: Support
  • Position: Rear

Get ready to meet Silverbell Cookie, a Faerie Knight whose devotion to the Faerie Kingdom will never waver. Silverbell Cookie is a Support Cookie who uses the skill “Gleeful Chime.”

Skill description: Silverbell flowers bloom, periodically healing the allies and granting a DMG Resist buff. Healing targets will also receive bonus healing depending on the number of buffs they currently have. Enemies will receive damage and gain the Silverbell Pollen debuff, dealing periodic damage.

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When Silverbell Pollen’s duration is over, it will cause area damage and Stun the targets in range. Silverbell Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects. He may provide additional support to his fellow Knights of the Faerie Kingdom…?

World Exploration: Beast-Yeast Episode 1 – Secrets of the Silver Kingdom

The Cookies have finally arrived in the mysterious land of Beast-Yeast, surrounded by legends as old as time. Our new journey begins with Episode 1, “Secrets of the Silver Kingdom.” Unlock the new continent by clearing Stages 8-30 in Crispia, World Exploration.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

Exploring Beast-Yeast

Each stage in Beast-Yeast will have three difficulty levels: Story, Normal, and Hard. Feel free to select the desired difficulty level to progress through the story. The way stars are awarded in Beast-Yeast will also be changed accordingly: earn a star per difficulty level cleared. Use the new Juicy Stamina Jellies to play stages in Beast-Yeast: just like the regular Stamina Jellies, these items will recharge with time.

Earn Beascuits, Beascuit Dough, and Bites for clearing stages in Beast-Yeast. At Stages 1-14, you will be able to unlock Tactical Skills. Tactical Skills are special active effects that allow you to use the strength of a certain Cookie to aid you in battle. Topping bonus effects will have no effect in Beast-Yeast.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

Ep.1 – Secrets of the Silver Kingdom· Follow in White Lily Cookie’s footsteps and complete the Story Collection. Collect White Lily Cookie’s memory shards as you progress through the episode to learn more about her past. Beware of the Spore Dispersal effect activating at the beginning of the battle.

Whenever you deal damage or are attacked by certain enemies, the Spore count will gradually increase, eventually triggering the Mushroom Mutation effect. After the end of Mushroom Mutation’s duration, the target will disperse spores around them. New upgrade items called “Beascuits” can be obtained in Beast-Yeast.

New Costume Sets

“Sorry for waking your dreams…” Watch Pure Vanilla Cookie and White Lily Cookie become enigmatic forest spirits in the new costumes set, dazzling yet leaving a bittersweet memory like a fleeting daydream. Two new costumes for Pure Vanilla Cookie and White Lily Cookie.

Cookie Run Kingdom Costume Sets
Image via Devsisters
  • [LEGENDARY] Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Viridescent Daydream
  • [LEGENDARY] White Lily Cookie’s Moonflower Faerie

Don’t forget to read the new costume set story, “Midsummer Night’s Tragicomedy.” If you manage to obtain both costumes within the promotion dates, you will be able to claim a special reward.

Today’s Bounty Renewed

A change is coming to Today’s Bounties where you will be able to gather more useful resources: with the upcoming update, all Skill Powders will be consolidated within a single Bounty, with new Bounties added for Sugar Crystals, Coins, EXP Star Jellies, and Chaos Cake Pieces. Each Bounty will feature a boss of Lv. 1–15, with better and more abundant rewards available on the higher levels.

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

The number of daily attempts will be increased from 3 to 6. Activate the Kingdom Pass to increase the number of attempts to 9. Keep an eye on bonus rewards becoming available depending on the day of the week. Achieve Kingdom Lv.45 to level up your Cookies up to Lv.80. The skill level cap will be increased to Lv.80 as well.

It’s Cookie Run: Kingdom’s 3rd Anniversary! Get ready for a festival filled with fun, tons of rewards, new adventures, and friends!

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
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3rd Anniversary Events Festival

Get ready to enjoy the fun-filled 3rd Anniversary Festival prepared by the Bear Jellies! Take part in the 3rd Anniversary Festival events:· 3rd Anniversary Festival Deluxe Gacha· 3rd Anniversary Festival Shop· 3rd Anniversary Exhibition· Lucky Festival Wheel of Fortune· GingerBrave’s Lucky Dice Complete various missions to earn Bear Jelly Coins, usable in the 3rd Anniversary Festival.

3rd Anniversary Festival Shop

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

Collect Bear Jelly Coins and use them in the 3rd Anniversary Festival Shop. The 3rd Anniversary Festival Shop will carry various useful items, such as · 3rd Anniversary Cookie Tickets· Light of Freedom· The festive “Happy 3rd Annibearsary!” profile picture· The festive “Anniversary Beeear” title· Lucky Dice Some of the items can be unlocked after spending a certain number of Bear Jelly Coins.

3rd Anniversary Festival Deluxe Gacha

Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update
Image via Devsisters

In the Deluxe Gacha, you will be able to obtain Super Epic+ and Soulstones Cookie with a double chance. Use 3rd Anniversary Cookie Tickets available at the 3rd Anniversary Festival Shop. The newest Cookies (White Lily Cookie, Silverbell Cookie) do not appear in the Deluxe Gacha. Mileage Points are not awarded for Deluxe Gacha pulls.

  • Simple Wish Animation· Fulfill x100 Cookie wishes at the Tree of Wishes to activate this option.· New wishes will appear without the usual animation.
  • Simple Train Animation· Load the Bear Jelly Train 10 times to activate this option.· You will be able to use the Train Station without watching the train animation.
  • Simple Balloon Animation·  Complete 10 Balloon Expeditions to activate this option,· You will be able to use the Bear Jelly Balloon without watching its animation.
  • Cancel Expedition· You will be able to cancel an ongoing Balloon Expedition.· Please note that after canceling, you will not receive back spent Stamina Jellies or any rewards.
  • Arena Fast-forward After finishing a Kingdom Arena season, fast-forward to the tier group, one step below the highest achieved tier. For example, having reached Diamond 2 in the previous season, you will be able to fast-forward to Crystal 1. On tiers Elite and Grandmaster, you will be able to fast-forward to Master 1 only.
  • The final season of the Tower of Sweet Chaos has ended, and all remaining Searing Keys will be converted to 500 Coins per Key.

That was all about the Cookie Run Kingdom Version 5.0 update.

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