List of all Upcoming Characters for Version 1.4

Picture yourself delving into an immersive journey within an alternative 20th-century universe. You assume the crucial role of elite temporal observers known as Timekeepers. Reverse: 1999 is a meticulously crafted turn-based tactical role-playing game developed by Bluepoch. Your remarkable ability to harness the mystical power of the Arcanum empowers you to master the intricate mechanics of reality, unveiling hidden mysteries and secrets as you progress. In this article, we will explore the Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters for Version 1.1 to 1.4

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.1

1. Pickles

Pickles is a 6-star Mineral Type element character with a focus on enhancing allies, Pickles boosts the damage output of your team with a powerful damage-increasing ability. His Clarification of Proposition skill allows him to enhance his own abilities, making his attacks more potent.

Reverse 1999 Pickles Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, Pickles provides crowd control with his Judgement of the Ball skill, which dispels beneficial effects from enemies. He is a valuable asset for teams seeking to increase their damage potential and control the battlefield.

2. Melania

Melania is a 6-star Beast-type element character that excels at dealing substantial damage while having the flexibility to steal enemy attributes through her Skillful Thief mechanic. Her skill set not only inflicts impressive mental damage but also disrupts enemy strategies by reducing their Moxie and stealing it for herself.

Reverse 1999 Melania
Image via Bluepoch

Melania’s Clockwork Rat Infestation skill adds further versatility, as it offers leeching capabilities, making her a significant threat to the enemy team while strengthening her own survivability. She is a formidable choice for teams aiming to inflict damage, disrupt enemy plans, and gain advantages in battle.

3. Diggers

Diggers is a 5-star Plant-type element character that takes on a different role as a debuffer and disruptor. His ability to inflict Nightmare and Weakness on enemies significantly hinders their actions and damage output. Diggers can control the battlefield by limiting the effectiveness of opponents.

Reverse 1999 Diggers Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepoch

His Bubbleism skill further weakens the enemies by reducing their Reality and Mental DEF while adding a Fear debuff, creating an environment where they struggle to perform optimally. Diggers is a valuable addition to teams that prioritize control, debuffing, and reducing the enemy’s impact on the battle, ultimately giving your team the upper hand.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.2

1. Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy is a 6-star Star-type element character that plays a supportive role with the ability to deal significant single-target damage while offering utility through critical hits that purify allies of detrimental effects. Her Confusion debuffs help control enemy threats by reducing their critical resistance.

Reverse 1999 Tooth Fairy
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, her Lullaby skill provides valuable mass healing, further enhancing her team’s longevity and sustainability. Tooth Fairy is a versatile addition to any team, capable of both dealing damage and offering essential support.

2. Changeling

Changeling is a 6-star Plant-type element character that is versatile with the ability to spread Poison to multiple enemies with mass attacks. Her White Carpet skill rewards her for targeting poisoned enemies, making her damage potential increase exponentially.

Reverse 1999 Changeling Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepoch

Changeling is a strong choice for teams looking to apply damage-over-time effects and capitalize on them for formidable damage output. Her Visit from Friends ability further augments her damage, making her a valuable asset in battles against multiple foes.

3. Horropedia

Horropedia is a 5-star Mineral-type character that specializes in crowd control with mass attacks that induce Fear in enemies, reducing their Moxie and hampering their actions. His Dictated by Logic skills can dispel beneficial enemy buffs, ensuring that opponents are less effective in battle.

Reverse 1999 Horropedia
Image via Bluepoch

Horropedia is a disruptive force, ideal for teams looking to maintain battlefield control and deter enemy strategies.

4. Blonney

Blonney is a 5-star Star-type element character that is a damage-dealer with a penchant for critical hits. Her Laughing Rabbit ability can inflict substantial damage on enemies, and her Chainsaw Thriller skill adds debuffing potential by applying Confusion.

Reverse 1999 Blonney Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepoch

Blonney excels at causing havoc in the enemy ranks while taking advantage of critical hits to increase her damage output.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.3

1. Black Dwarf

Black Dwarf is a 6-star Mineral-type element character that excels at dealing heavy single-target mental damage while benefiting from unique stacking mechanics like Full-Moon and Planet. Her abilities allow her to stack bonuses and maximize her damage potential.

Reverse 1999 Black Dwarf
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, she can remove Planets to further boost her performance. Black Dwarf is an ideal choice for teams looking to burst down high-priority targets and take advantage of damage scaling based on her unique mechanics.

2. Shamane

Shamane is a 6-star Beast-type element character who provides an interesting mix of crowd control and debuffing capabilities to the team. His mass attack inflicts significant reality damage to all enemies and enhances critical rate and damage on the primary target.

Reverse 1999 Shamane Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepoch

Additionally, Nature’s Blessing offers Moxie restoration after using his ultimate, providing sustainability to the team. Shamane is a versatile character who can fit well in teams seeking both damage and crowd control.

3. Kanjira

Kanjira is a 5-star Plant-type element character that specializes in mass damage and debuffing abilities. Her Hey, Punji! skill can deal considerable mental damage to all enemies, with damage increasing under specific conditions. She is a strong debuff as well, inflicting Poison on enemies with the potential to stack.

Reverse 1999 Kanjira
Image via Bluepoch

Her Oh, Divination! ability also adds the Confusion debuff to targets, reducing their critical resistance. Kanjira is a reliable damage-dealer with debuffing potential, making her a valuable addition to teams aiming for both offense and control.

Reverse: 1999 Upcoming Characters for Version 1.4

1. 37

37 is a support character that excels at providing buffs and enhancing allies’ abilities. Her Numeral Perception buff increases all allies’ attacks, contributing to their damage output. Additionally, Enlightenment empowers the next incantation with increased additional damage, making 37 a valuable asset for teams aiming to boost their overall damage potential.

Reverse 1999 Character 37, Reverse 1999 37 Reverse: 1999 upcoming characters Version 1.1 to 1.4
Image via Bluepch

The Triangulation skill adds to her damage-dealing capabilities, inflicting both mental and Genesis damage while stacking Eureka, further enhancing her damage output. 37’s Curve Mapping skill offers crowd control with a mass attack that targets up to two enemies, while also granting herself Sturdiness for increased damage reduction. Her versatile support abilities make 37 an excellent choice for teams looking to amplify their damage and maintain control on the battlefield.

2. 6

Character 6 on the other hand, is currently an unknown 6-star intellect-type element character with unrevealed abilities and gameplay. As such, further details about their role and abilities are yet to be revealed.

Reverse 1999 6, Reverse 1999 character 6
Image via Bluepoch

We will update this article for you, once we gain information about the overall gameplay of 6.

Final Thoughts

In this alternate 20th-century world of Reverse: 1999, a diverse cast of characters each brings their unique skills and roles to the battlefield. From powerful damage dealers to adept support characters, they create a dynamic and strategic gameplay experience. The game’s intricate mechanics and various abilities allow you to craft teams that excel in damage output, crowd control, and sustainability.

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