Floops Big House Adventure, a 90’s-themed arcade game is now available on Android and iOS

The 90s-themed wave-based roguelike arcade game, Floops Big House Adventure, is now accessible on both Android and iOS platforms. This game is brought to you by Buttery Games, a Canada-based developer, and it also serves as their inaugural game release.

Floops Big House Adventure aims to offer a fun roguelike arcade experience

Floops Big House Adventure is a game inspired by 90s cartoons, so you can see that the theme around the gameplay itself is somewhat similar to what we had two decades prior on our TVs. The premise is simple, monsters have invaded Floops House, and it’s your job to defend it!

Floops Big House Adventure FinalBoss
Image via Buttery Games

Grab a gun, upgrade your gear, and face disgusting bosses in this challenging wave-based arcade shooter. You also get to collect powerful guns while you collect incredible loot which will be more as you shoot your way through hordes of enemies. Get to learn enemy attacks, discover the best upgrades, and aim to defeat the Monster Overlord.

From the trailer the game promises to be a fun adventure to get on to, with the art style being a funny positive. You will get to face plenty of monster bosses which look scary and out of shape yes, but that adds to the fun aspect of the game. The background music and sfx is also sharp, with means more hilarious experience.

Now that Floops Big House Adventure is ready for action, players can easily download it on their respective mobile devices. Android users can find the game on the Google Play Store and for iOS users, simply head to the App Store to download and play the game.

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