Children’s Social Skill Guide For The Sims 4

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Every class is school had that one kid who was always just more charismatic than others, and in The Sims 4, you can make sure that kid is your kid by having a Child Sim pursue the Social skill in their youth. Concentrated on making friends and making them laugh, these Child Sims love to chat with friends.




The Sims 4: How To Develop Child Skills

There are four skills unique to growing children in The Sims 4. Here, you can learn about each skill, as well as how to develop it.

By completing the Social skill during a Sim’s childhood, you’ll give them a head-start on pursuing some of the most social adulthood skills much sooner than their peers. If you’re trying to encourage your Child chatterbox, then check out our guide below.

How To Level Up A Child’s Social Skill

a child sim talking to the dino stuffed toy the sims 4 social skill children skills

When you teach a Toddler Sim to talk, some of them really develop a knack for it – and they end up becoming Social Butterfly Sims in childhood.

The friendliest of Sims often start off young, and you can begin building the Social skill as soon as your Sim ages up into a Child.

Though there are plenty of toys, tools, and other ways to build the Social skill, Child Sims are typically best off simply talking to other Sims.

These social Sims often aspire to make friends or spend time with them, with a desire for time with family in the mix if the family unit is particularly close.

If they’re feeling chatty but nobody is around, they can always use a mirror to practice their speech for the next time they’ve got company.

a child sim speaking to himself in the mirror

But Child Sims often enjoy playing with toys, though, and there are a few toys that help build the Social skill for Child Sims.

Particularly, Social Sims will want to consider the oversized stuffed animals that Child Sims can talk to and interact with.

There are several models, each with different colors to choose from so they match any bedroom, but these allow your Child to perform various social interactions.

Child Sims can have a variety of conversations and interactions with their large toys, making them an excellent way for a Child to build the Social skill on their own.

Helpful Traits To Make Your Child More Sociable

Since any Child Sims who aim to be the it-kid in school, you’d do well to choose a trait that helps them socialize if given the chance.

By raising a happy Toddler, you’ll be allowed to choose one trait for your Child Sim when they age up – and if you can, choose wisely, as traits can be a huge help in building the Social skill.

There are arguably the most traits to help Sims building the Social skill, as the best moods are Confident, Playful, and Happy, which are fairly easy to achieve.

a child sim with the goofball trait in their simology panel the sims 4 children skills

The Cheerful and Good traits lead your Sim to feeling Happier moodlets more often, the Goofball trait helps the silliest Sims feel more Playful, and the Self-Assured trait bolsters the Confidence of any Sim.

The Outgoing trait helps your Sim make and maintain more meaningful friendships, and the Insider trait (if you have Get Together) gives them an enhanced boost from being in Clubs or with friends.

However, there are several traits to avoid as well, unless you’re specifically trying to challenge yourself.

Loner Sims feel uncomfortable with socializing, which isn’t great help for building the Social skill.

Meanwhile, they’ll have a much harder time for much different reasons if given the Evil or Mean traits, which make them much more difficult to get along with – not ideal for aspirations with friendship-making goals!


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They grow up so fast.

Every Level Of The Social Skill

a child sim speaking to his parent while they cook in the kitchen together the sims 4 social skill children

In the table below, you’ll find a detailed look at what your social little Sim can begin to do at every level of their Social skill progression.

Be mindful that levels three and eight do not have unique perks, and you’ll see a fairly generic message about how the child Sim is thriving in their skill-building instead.

Once they’re finished, they’ll have three adult skills based on socializing to begin to master before their Teen years begin.

What Unlocks At Each Level Of A Child Sim’s Social Skill




“Press to Talk” action on any toy that can speak.


“Watch” action on computers.



Earn better moodlets from watching


Earn better moodlets from playing with oversized stuffed bears.


“Research Idioms” action on computers.

Reduce Sadness when speaking with stuffed animals.


“Talk About School” interaction with other Sims.



Reduce Discomfort, Embarrassment, and Tense moodlets when speaking to stuffed animals.

10 (Max)

Can begin to learn the Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief skills.

Depending on the future you have in mind for this Sim, competing the Social skill as a Child is a great way to get a head start on becoming the most endearing of adult Sims.


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