Children’s Mental Skill Guide For The Sims 4

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Whether it’s the thrill of getting good grades in school, the discovery in making new potions at the science table, or beating the masters at chess, Children in The Sims 4 who build their Mental skill are bound to be the smartest in the schoolyard.




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Brainiac Sims who show their gifts early on can spend their childhood enjoying the smartest of hobbies, pushing toward building their brains and acing all their schoolwork to build the Mental skill. Completing the skill during childhood sets the brightest of the bunch on an early path toward some of the most lucrative adulthood careers.

How To Level Up A Child’s Mental Skill

a child sim playing at the science table sims 4 mental skill children

Giving your child the Whiz Kid aspiration in the Mental category of the childhood aspirations page is a helpful way to effectively boost a Child Sim’s Mental skill.

This is because your aspiring Whiz Kid will naturally feel inclined to participate in activities that build their Mental skill more effectively.

Some of these activities will include “smarter” forms of entertainment, like playing chess or reading books (sometimes specifically reading with adults).

These Sims in general tend to do particularly well when being mentored by older Sims.

When it comes to toys for smartest of Sims, Child Sims pursuing the Mental skill tend to enjoy items from the Parenthood game pack focused on Mental skillbuilding, like the TumTum Teddy or BooBoo Billy Doctor Playsets.

A huge fixation for Child Sims building the Mental skill, though, is the science table. There are a few models of it across expansion packs, but it’s one of the fastest ways to build the skill.

a child sim reading a book the sims 4

That’s because it allows your Child Sim to experiment with and brew different potions, unlocking new recipes as they increase their Mental skill.

Finally, as they level the Mental skill, Child Sims can unlock arithmetic games on the computer that not only boost their Fun, but help them build the Mental skill as well.

Helpful Traits To Give Your Child

Since only a limited number of adult traits are available to Child Sims, you’re a bit more limited in your trait assignment than with grown Sims.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to give your Child Sim a natural boost to their Mental skill! As your Toddler Sim ages up into a Child, you’ll be allowed to choose a trait for them (provided they’ve been well cared for in infancy).

a child sim with the genius trait the sims 4 mental skill children skills

Since kids pursuing the Mental skill will be leaning quite heavily on the Focused mood while skill-building, you’d do well to give them the Genius trait, as it makes Sims more inclined to be naturally Focused.

Or, if they’ll be a bookish learner, the Bookworm trait can help Sims read books faster than normal and have more Fun while doing so.

And, while we hate to stereotype, the Geek trait helps your Sim build their Video Game skill more effectively, which is one of the adulthood skills unlocked by mastering the Mental skill as a Child.


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Every Level Of The Mental Skill

a child sim playing arithmetic attack the sims 4 child skills mental skill

In the table below, you’ll find info on what unlocks as your Child Sim progresses through the Mental skill in The Sims 4.

Once they max the skill and have become certified child geniuses, they’ll be able to begin building four adulthood skills immediately.

What Unlocks At Each Level Of A Child Sim’s Mental Skill


Unlocks and Progression



“Play Arithmetic Game” action on computers.



Earn better moodlets when Playing Arithmetic Games on computers.

“Create Health Potion” on the science table.


“Talk About Fractions” interaction with other Sims.


“Research on Simpedia” action on computers.


Earn better moodlets when using the science table.

Earn better moodlets when playing on the Space Ship Jungle Gym.

“Create Emotion Potions” action on the science table.



“Research on Simpedia” provides better skill boosts.

Unlocks a new, more challenging Arithmetic Game.

“Attempt Mental Telepathy” interaction on self to put themselves in a Focused mood.

10 (Max)

Can begin to learn a variety of adult skills depending on which packs you have installed:

  • Fishing, Logic, and Video Gaming (Base Game)
  • Robotics (Discover University)
  • Medium (Paranormal)

“Create Stink Drink” action on the science table.

Once they’re able to begin building their adulthood smart skills, your Child Sims are able to interact with plenty of items they couldn’t as children.

They can accompany relaitves on trips, build their eSports gaming skills earlier, pursue robotics in school, and so much more.


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