The Best Xueyi Build Guide In Honkai: Star Rail

Xueyi is a phenomenal four-star character in Honkai: Star Rail, but you have to build her a little differently from the other DPS units.

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  • Best Xueyi Relics And Planar Ornaments

One of the best aspects of Honkai: Star Rail is that the game actually has good four-star characters, and you can beat all the endgame content with them just fine. The developers also give unique Ultimate animations to these characters, making them the best choice for free-to-play gamers out there.




Honkai: Star Rail – Ascension And Trace Materials For Xueyi

If you’re excited to get Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail, here’s everything you can do to prepare for her so that you can use her in combat.

There’s usually one four-star character in every patch in the game, and it was Xueyi during the Version 1.6 update. She’s a Quantum unit following the path of Destruction, and her kit has some unique aspects that aren’t seen in any other character.

Best Xueyi Relics And Planar Ornaments

Honkai Star Rail Xueyi Relic Screen

Here are the best Relic and Planar Ornament set bonuses for Xueyi in Honkai: Star Rail:



Reason For Synergy With Xueyi


Genius of Brilliant Stars

This is by far the best set for all Quantum DPS characters in the game since it not only gives you extra Quantum DMG, but also lets Xueyi’s attacks ignore 20 percent of the enemy’s DEF if they have Quantum Weakness.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

Xueyi has a talent that increases her DMG based on her Break Effect, and that’s where this Relic set shines. It gives you a whopping 32 percent Break Effect, which directly converts to 32 percent DMG increase on the character.

Moreover, you can also regenerate some Energy when you trigger Weakness Break on an enemy, which isn’t that hard with her because of her Ultimate.

Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto

Most of Xueyi’s DMG comes from her Ultimate and follow-up attack that gets launched when you have enough Karma stacks. This set buffs both their DMG while also giving you some extra Crit Rate.

Talia: Kingdon of Banditry

If you’re trying to go for a full Break Effect build on Xueyi to get the most DMG from her, it’s recommended to use this set since it provides another 36 percent to the total.

Xueyi Relic Stat Priority

It’s already difficult to build DPS characters in Honkai: Star Rail since you have to get a specific Crit Ratio on them, and it becomes even harder for Xueyi because of her Break Effect scaling. Depending on the Light Cones and Relic sets you’re using, here are the stats you should be looking for:


Main Stat Priority

Sub Stat Priority



Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent > SPD



Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent > SPD


Crit Rate/DMG

Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent > SPD



Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent

Planar Sphere

Quantum DMG Bonus / ATK Percent

Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent > SPD

Link Rope

Break Effect / ATK Percent

Crit DMG/Rate > Break Effect > ATK Percent > SPD

ATK Percent Sphere can be a better choice on Xueyi if you have a lot of Break Effect since you’ll have too much DMG Bonus otherwise.

Best Xueyi Light Cones

Honkai Star Rail On The Fall Of An Aeon Light Cone Screen

If you’re looking for a great Destruction Light Cone for Xueyi, here are your best choices:

On the Fall of an Aeon

This is the best in slot Light Cone for Xueyi, and thankfully, it can be acquired for free through the Simulated Universe. It gives her some extra ATK whenever she launches an attack on an enemy, and this stacks up to four times.

Moreover, whenever you break an enemy’s Weakness, which is quite common for her, you can get some additional DMG bonus.

Something Irreplaceable

You can buy this Light Cone from the Starlight shop if you can save enough currency, and it gives Xueyi a whopping 24 percent ATK bonus at Superimposition One. You also recover some health and gain a DMG bonus when you’re attacked.

The Moles Welcome You

Another Light Cone that gives you free ATK every time you use your Basic Attack, Skill, or Ultimate on an enemy. Each stack gives you a 24 percent bonus, which is quite phenomenal.

Nowhere to Run

You have to buy the battle pass if you want to get this Light Cone, and it increases your ATK by 24 percent at the first Superimposition. You can also gain some HP whenever you defeat an enemy.

Under the Blue Sky

This Light Cone is similar to Nowhere To Run, except the initial ATK Bonus is only 16 percent on the same Superimpose. However, you get extra Crit Rate for three turns after defeating an enemy, which is better than HP gain.

Xueyi Traces Priority

Xueyi’s traces are quite generic and her Basic Attack and Skill essentially attacks one or more enemies to deal some damage. Her Ultimate and Talent are the main part of her kit, and here’s what they do:

  • The Ultimate deals massive damage to a single target. However, the special part about it is that it reduces the enemy’s Toughness even if they don’t have the Quantum Weakness. Your DMG is increased based on the Toughness reduced.
  • The Talent involves a follow-up attack, which is triggered every time you get a certain number of Karma stacks. These stacks can be acquired whenever Xueyi or her allies reduce any enemy’s Toughness.

As you can see above, you’d want to upgrade Xueyi’s Ultimate first to get the extra DMG from it. This can be followed by her Talent and then Skill at last. It’s recommended to upgrade her Basic Attack to the maximum level whenever you can since you might have to use this attack a few times.

When it comes to Bonus Abilities, it’s important to unlock the Clairvoyant Loom one since it gives you the major damage bonus. You can unlock the other two abilities whenever you have a chance.


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