GTA 5 Source Code Reportedly Sold For $2,000

Yesterday, a huge Rockstar leak was shared to the internet revealing cancelled games such as Bully 2 and GTA Tokyo, scrapped GTA 5 DLC like Liberty City, alleged employee details, and GTA 5’s source code. It has now come to light that this information may have been purchased for as little as $2,000.



Alleged leaked DMs show that TMP (TickleMePickles, otherwise known as Austinator Modz and XBL Dragonfly) was part of a group buy for the leaked info. They reportedly paid $2,000 collectively, but TMP allegedly put no money forward despite still receiving the leaked data. Regardless, it’s claimed that they tried to sell the source code to make money, attempting to get $6,000 at first, but after failing that, a much lower $200-$500. All offers were declined.

Oh well. GTA can burn. Envy can burn.

After not being able to sell the source code, TMP allegedly leaked the information “out of spite” so that nobody else could turn a profit. A Discord conversation between TMP and a blurred-out user shows the immediate backlash to this decision, with the anonymous user saying that they had now “killed Mod Hub”, risked being sued, and made themselves a target to all the people who spent money acquiring the leaked data. TMP allegedly replied, “It’s not even a full leak”, threatening to share the “full version”.

The DMs were posted by PC_Focus on Twitter, with further context given by Dyllie. They said, “There’s a lot of detail left out of this story, as I am reporting on what I was told by two credible people. It seems a lot of the other information I won’t report on is either personal information or stuff I’m not 100 percent about reporting on. I’m also being told different things by different people.”

It’s worth taking with a grain of salt as DMs can be easily fabricated, but the alleged story is that a disgruntled modding group member attempted to sell leaked GTA 5 data, failed, and so shared it online in retaliation.

It’s still unclear as to who bought the source code in the first place for $2,000. Despite information about TMP’s alleged leak being shared, Dyllie said that they are “not allowed to mention who [Teapot] sold it to”. All we know right now is that a modding group reportedly bought it together.


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