The Best Longbow Build In MW3

The Longbow is a bolt-action variant of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Kastov weapons. It’s classified as a sniper rifle, deals lethal damage to the upper torso, and is incredibly easy to use. It shares more DNA with marksman rifles than any other sniper rifle, yet the Longbow’s high base damage definitely fits with the sniper rifle archetype.




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If you have good aim and don’t mind a slow ADS time, the Longbow is easily one of MW3’s strongest weapons. Landing one-taps from mid-range is trivial with this gun, and it’s even easier to build for. This guide will showcase how to make the best Longbow build possible for all Multiplayer modes.

Best Longbow Build

Longbow Build
Attachment Pros And Cons
Slate Reflector (Optic)
FSS OLE-V Laser (Laser)
  • +Aiming Stability
  • +Aim Down Sights Speed
  • +Sprint to Fire Speed
Pro-99 Long Barrel (Barrel)
  • +Damage Range
  • +Bullet Velocity
  • -Aiming Idle Sway
  • -Aim Down Sights Speed
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
Sonic Suppressor (Muzzle)
  • Undetectable by Radar
  • +Bullet Velocity
  • +Damage Range
  • -Sprint to Fire Speed
  • -Aim Walking Steadiness
  • -Recoil Control
10 Round Mag (Magazine)
  • +Aim Down Sights Speed
  • +Sprint to Fire Speed
  • +Aim Walking Speed
  • +Reload Quickness

The Longbow is a one-hit to the upper torso within its effective range, yet this weapon’s maximum effective range is a measly 12.7 meters. You’ll want to increase the Longbow’s effective range and ADS speed to make this a proper one-hit killing machine in Multiplayer.

Fortunately, that’s fairly easy to accomplish. We recommend the Pro-99 Long Barrel and Sonic Suppressor to increase the weapon’s range to 18 meters. For ADS speed, we use a 10 Round Mag, FSS OLE-V Laser, and any short-range optic. The laser we use can be seen by enemy players, but we find the OLE-V’s stat buffs to be more than worth this downside.

If you dislike visible lasers, you can drop the OLE-V for a No Stock attachment or any ADS-boosting underbarrel attachment. It won’t be quite as stable as the FSS OLE-V, but this will make the Longbow better suited for one-life modes.

Loadout Recommendations

Vest Assassin
Gloves Marksman Gloves
Boots Covert Sneakers
Gear EOD
Secondary Preference
Tactical Stim
Lethal Preference

Since this weapon is suppressed, you’ll need to run some version of Ghost to fully stay off enemy radar. The Assassin Vest is the best way to do this, as it will give you a stronger version of Ghost that keeps you hidden off enemy radar at all times. Throw on Marksman Gloves to reduce incoming recoil, and use Covert Sneakers to muffle your footsteps.

The gear perk you choose is ultimately down to preference. EOD or Tac Mask is great if you’re playing core 6v6 modes. If you play aggressively, you might prefer Blacklight Flashlight or Data Jacker. As for equipment, use Stims to heal yourself and any piece of Lethal equipment. Your secondary is also down to preference.


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