Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Makes Party Of 12 Spiders

“How many spiders could you have in your party?” is a question nobody in their right mind should ask. Nobody. I don’t care how many, one is too many! But EduEpsilon has answered that question, so yay us – they got 12 of the creepy arachnids crawling out of a cave in Baldur’s Gate 3, filmed for our viewing ‘pleasure’.



“Level 3 beastmaster,” EduEpsilon started, explaining how they put together this abominable party if, for some reason, you wanted to do it yourself. “Use Ranger’s Companion and Find Familiar to summon two spiders, multiclass to druid, two levels to use Wild Shape: Spider, do this with every party member and you have 12 spiders. I guess you could also use Fungal Infestation from Circle of Spores druid if you find spider corpses.”

Luckily, you can only summon humanoid zombies in Baldur’s Gate 3, so fungal infestation won’t work. One commenter tried to use it on a rat to make a little army of undead rodents, but the fuzzball turned into a human. You have too many spiders as is, EduEpsilon.

While reanimating the corpses of slain spiders to expand this disgusting hive won’t work, players in the comments were happy to put forward their own suggestions. “Get the spider eggs from the hilltop by the back entrance to the grove for even more,” Grouchy-Pen-3278 said. Or, y’know, don’t.

Luckily, the eggs spawn one-time spiders that, when killed, stay dead. And they only have six HP so they die pretty easily.

Others are looking to mods to expand the horrors of this idea, such as the no limits add-on that lets you bring every companion with you, instead of just three. If you download it, you could feasibly have 45 spiders. While it sounds disgusting, I’m coming around to the idea of dozens of spiders descending on Cazador for a little munch.

The party might sound like the perfect concept for an evil playthrough, not only committing the most horrendous crimes in the Sword Coast, but doing it as a pack of spiders. But there’s potential in using it for a more heroic adventure, saving people who, upon seeing you, will no longer want to be saved. Sure, the tieflings made it out of Act 1 in one piece, but they had to party with shapeshifting spiders after. Think of the nightmares.

Freeing Halsin from his cage would even throw a bear into the mix. He’d be slightly out of place, but then again, 12 spiders helping a camp full of tieflings isn’t exactly a normal occurrence. This is D&D though, people do weird stuff in D&D.


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